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Today the world is a lesser place.

10 Dec


I was asked to do a piece on Madiba for an overseas online mag – it was never posted and probably not sensational enough.
I don’t want these words wasted and I thus gladly post this piece  for whoever wishes to read it.

“If there are dreams about a beautiful South Africa, there are also roads that lead to their goal. Two of these roads could be named Goodness and Forgiveness.” – Nelson Mandela

Nineteen years ago, the southern tip of Africa went to the ballot boxes for the first time as absolute equals. For years this country I call home, was governed by a terrible demon that created chaos, hatred and pain with tools of oppression and division. You all know it as Apartheid.
At that time, I was only eight years old. I lived happily on a farm with my Afrikaans parents, blissfully unaware of the pain that so many of my fellow countrymen were experiencing. I grew up sheltered and my parents did a lot to make sure that our innocence was kept. All the grisly details of reality in South Africa were locked out of our house.
I do remember that morning of the elections. There was nervousness in our house – something that did not really make sense. I remember my parents talking about whether they would go vote or not. There was a covered up restlessness in their voices and their actions that further added to my confusion. After breakfast, we were told that we were not allowed to play outside that day. I threw the biggest tantrum that morning… I did not understand!
I understand the nervousness now. It was of two Afrikaans white people scared of the inevitable change that the results of the elections could bring. That fear was justifiable, I guess. For years one race oppressed another – what would happen if the wheel turned? There was much pain and anger in the outside world and usually the combination of pain, anger and fear brings great disaster.
But disaster was kept at bay that day – and the days to follow – by one great leader. Madiba rose that day as a leader and as a saviour. He took charge of our country with great strength and compassion. He had a dream for this country. He wanted to build a nation where brothers and sisters of different backgrounds, race, sex and beliefs could coincide as free men and women in harmony.
His mission of nation building was met with much resistance from black and white South Africans. Many black South Africans were still hurting, whilst many white South Africans were unwilling to accept change and the ruling of a leader they had jailed and deemed terrorist. Dr. Pieter Mulder, leader of the Freedom Front Plus in South Africa, remembers a specific moment where Madiba’s strength in principle really impressed him. At a packed stadium, Madiba interrupted the singing of the national anthem, when 40 000 people refused to sing the Afrikaans part of the anthem. After reprimanding the crowd, the anthem was sung once more – in its entirety.
In time emotions simmered down and things within our country started taking shape.

Day by Day our country’s father worked relentlessly towards the breaking of stereotypes and the rebuilding of a shared vision and dream for all South Africans. I can still remember the very first moment I saw our country in its entirety – the very first moment I saw the country not as black and white, but as a nation. It was the day of the 1995 rugby world cup final between the Springboks and the All Blacks. I remember sitting in front of the television excitedly awaiting the clash of the titans. I remember seeing Madiba walking out onto the field wearing his green and gold jersey. I can literally still see that scene play out in my head – the actual scene and not the one from the movie – and I can still hear my father comment, “Look, he’s wearing a Springbok jersey! Can you believe it? The President is wearing a Springbok jersey! That’s great.”

That day my father realized that this man would not take away the simple things he cherished and loved. That day Madiba brought a nation together through solidarity in sport.
Today our country mourns the loss of its saviour. We mourn the loss of a man that undeniably saved a nation from the brink of civil war. Where in the world has a country undergone such a dramatic political revolution without major blood loss. We mourn a man that buried his own pain in order to teach a nation to once more love and forgive. I visited Robin Island a few years back. This is a journey I believe all South Africans should undertake. There, I saw the cell Madiba had slept in during his imprisonment. For 18 years Madiba slept in a damp concrete cell measuring 8 feet (2.4 m) by 7 feet (2.1 m), on a straw mat. Standing by the bars and staring in, I could only try and imagine the type of human being that could forgive and love after spending 18 years sleeping on that straw mat. It broke my heart.
The news of Madiba’s passing hit hard – although we all knew it was coming… it still feels surreal. There is a sense of bitter silence in the air. There is no mass histeria… just quietness. Here and there I can see some people sharing a newspaper and even there facial expressions seem still. I guess it stems from the internal conflict of emotions – we realize that he could not live forever, but the knowledge of a world without its beloved Madiba seems wrong.
On a personal level, I guess, today I mourn more than the loss of a great leader. I mourn parts of his legacy that we do not uphold. Madiba fought for a country that is one; for a non-racial nation; for unity in diversity; and for a country where “never again one race will oppress another”. This notion prevented the blood shedding and established a smooth transition of power. Today his ANC, the governing party, looks and acts much different.
It is thus important today, for each South African – and in effect every person in the world – to reflect upon Madiba’s legacy and how we could each contribute to uphold such – and immortalise this great leader.

Mandela made mistakes. He was human. But he admitted these mistakes and confessed his human errors. This in essence is a quality lacking in current leaders and part of Mandela’s legacy which should be remembered and sought to instil as part of our value systems.

“I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying.” – Nelson Mandela

I end this piece off on a happy note.
I end this piece off with a video of the way in which most South Africans will remember the father of our nation. Madiba loved music and he loved to dance. It feels like every public appearance ended with the iconic Madiba Jive. O, how my mom loved it whenever there were clips or segments that showed him do his jive. He always had this big warm smile on his face as he jived like a champion. At a concert in 1999, the great Johnny Clegg performed a song that he dedicated to Madiba, Asimbonanga . Madiba came on stage mid-song and danced happily around the stage. He had the biggest smile and the warmth just shone brightly through those big brown eyes.
At the end of the song Madiba said : “It is Music and Dancing that makes me at peace with the world and at peace with myself.”

After a long bed rest, I’m so happy that you can finally find peace with world and with yourself once more – I’m sure you’re teaching the angels your jive as we speak. Rest in peace beloved Madiba.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGS7SpI7obY&feature=youtube_gdata_player


Taxi Violence releasing some Soul Shake.

11 Jun

Taxi Violence fans rejoice – number four is getting ready to drop.


July 2013 will see the release of the seasoned music veterans’ four album.

The album, entitled Soul Shake, boasts 11 brand new tracks that were recorded and produced by Brendyn “Rusti” Rossouw at Heritage Sound Studios, and mixed by the legendary Theo Crous at Bellville Studios.

Soul Shake, sees the band return to what they do best – rock out!

Drummer, Louis Nel says, “We’ve gone back to playing straight-up rock ‘n roll songs – very similar to songs from our first and second albums. But a lot faster and a lot harder.”

Get a feel for Soul Shake on Taxi Violence’s nation wide tour:

06 July – Zanzibar, George

10 July – The Mexican, Jeffreys Bay

12 July – Buccaneers, East Londen

13 July – Live The Venue, Durban

18 July – Potchefstroom (venue TBC)

19 July – Puma Social Club, Johannesburg

20 July – Arcade Empire, Pretoria

27 July – The Assembly, Cape Town

03 August – Aandklas, Stellenbosch

17 August – Slipstream Sportsbar, Grahamstown

First single Brainmash has been pinned as the first single from the new album. Listen to it here:


Pre-order Soul Shake:

Taxi Violence have made 150 copies of Soul Shake available to pre-order. For R150, fans can get a limited edition, personalized CD delivered to their doors (anywhere in South Africa), as well as a FREE download of the band’s entire first album, Untie Yourself. Go to www.taxiviolence.com for more details.

Photo: Sven Kristian

Dubbele Dosis Heuwels vir jou?

14 May


Vir Die Volkslied, die derde video af die Heuwel se Alles wat Mal Is, het Simon Barnard en Wim Steytler kragte saamgespan om die video vir die lied te ontwikkel en verfilm. Willie Nel, een van die land se voorste kameramanne, het die fotografie behartig.


Die video is in die Noorde van Pretoria geskiet en ondersoek ‘n baie spesifieke subkultuur wat deel van daardie wêreld uit maak.


Oor die video sê Simon Barnard: “Dit is ‘n baie dubbelsinnige stuk werk – karige lewensomstandighede maar gelukkige mense. Die uniekheid van die video lê grootliks in die eerlikheid daarvan”.


Kyk die Volkslied hier:


In ander Heuwels Nuus, word die groep se live DVD, Live op Paul Cluver, môre vrygestel.

Die DVD is verfilm by die  Bloekombos Amfiteater op die Paul Cluver landgoed.

Volgens Pierre Greeff, wou die groep lank reeds daar speel en toe die geleentheid om daar te speel vorendag kom, het die groep nie twee keer gedink nie.


Oor die DVD se Pierre: “Die wonderlike ding van die DVD is dat dit ons katalogus van liedjies op hierdie stadium ordentlik bymekaar bring.”

Kom in kontak:


Facebook: www.faceook.com/dieheuwels

Lees ook meer oor die uiters suksesvolle Skolejam toerhttp://mk.dstv.com/category/shows/blackberry-skolejam/

Fotos Volkslied: Willie Nel

Foto: Paul Cluver DVD: Jaco S Venter

Parow and Friends Rock for Cool!

6 May

Gary Cool Benefit Show ft. Jack Parow, P.H.FAT & Friends

Wednesday, 8 May – The Assembly


Gary Cool is a well-known rock in the local music industry. The 2Oceansvibe Radio and AFM 91.3FM Rock radio DJ strives to promote and support the local music scene in whichever way he can.

Gary recently suffered some major injuries, when a driver ran a robot and collided with his motorbike. Gary crushed and fractured bones in his tibia. He also fractured his collarbone. He was hospitalized for three weeks and underwent two operations.

After his accident, Gary was left temporarily disabled and unable to work for a few months. Obviously this had very real financial consequences for Gary and his family. This included a pile of medical bills and a reduced monthly salary. Knowing this, Ray-Ban and Assembly decided to help Gary and his family out with a benefit concert that promises to blow minds.

Naturally, Gary’s friends in the industry have raised their hands to perform and help raise funds for this much loved and respected individual.

The show will be headlined by one of Gary’s favorite artists and friend – Jack Parow.  Parow will also be filming the event for his DVD. Other artists who have offered to perform are – P.H.FAT, Sideshow, DJ Invizable, DJ Naaldekoker, Stone-Age Citizens and Einstein Adonis, with two more acts to be announced.

Parow_fridge - Gillian Coetzee

The event will take place on Wednesday the 8th of May at Assembly Cape Town and tickets will cost you only R30 and R40 if you arrive after 10pm.

R30 to watch some top class local acts and to support one of our local music industry’s biggest champions – I say BARGAIN!

Click here to join the event on Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/120495208150730/

After almost 2 months of not being on air – Gary Cool will be back on radio on Monday 6th May from 9pm to midnight on AFM 91.3fm.

Photo: Gillian Coetzee

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Follow @JackParow

Update: Van Coke Kartel.

16 Apr


Van Coke Kartel het in November 2012 hulle half dekade bestaan gevier. Saam met Jägermeister, Monster Energy en Music Connection het hulle die land se grense maak bewe  deur  hulle feesvieringe in die vorm van n Halwe Dekade Toer na VCK aanhangers landswyd te neem.

Die manne het van die eerste VCK noot af, hulle stemme dik gemaak as een van die land se voorste musiek forste. Menigte toekennings en nominasies beklemtoon b.g. as n feit. Met vyf jaar se stewige sukses agter hulle naam, gaan dit deesdae beter as ooit met die manne van dié kartel.

Die manne het hulle half dekade toer met die hulp van befaamde Fotograaf en videograaf, Fred van Leeuwen van The Image Engineer, op band en film verewig. Fred, n vreeslose aanhanger van die groep, spandeer sy tyd deur dokumentêre films vir musikante, musiekfeeste asook konserte te maak. Hy was die perfekte kandidaat vir die taak en het daarin geslaag om die intieme, agter-die-skerms perspektief van die manne se lewe op die pad weer te gee.  

Hierdie ervaring is opgesom met ‘n visuele dagboek: Halwe Dekade Tour Pics, ‘n kort film: Halwe Dekade Tour Video en die offisiële musiekvideo vir Dankie, Ek is Veilig Hier.

Als is opgeneem deur gebruik te maak van ‘n Canon 5D Mark II met addisionele stabilisering toerusting geborg deur PhotoHire Kaapstad.

Kyk die video vir Dankie, Ek is Veilig Hierhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_HVxZ09i10

Ingeval jy dit gemis het…

Van Coke Kartel het tydens die jaarlikse MK Toekennings, weggestap met drie van die vier toekennings waarvoor hulle genomineer was.

Die kartel is individueel aangewys as MK se eerste Superband. ISO se Alex parker, was die Superband se wildcard toevoeging.

Die groep is tans besig om aan nuwe material te werk wat teen einde September 2013 vrygestel gaan word.

VAN COKE KARTEL – Duba Bike Toer 2013  (28 April 2013 – 31 Mei 2013)

Dié onbesliste toer meesters is gereed om weereens rubber op teer te plak. Einde April skop Van Coke Kartel ‘n 12-datum nasionale toer af.

Jägermeister, Monster Energy en Music Connection bied aan Duba Bike Toer. Die toer sal in Pretoria begin by die Voortrekker Monument, waar Van Coke Kartel die verhoog sal deel met Holiday Murray, City Bowl Mizers, Suburban Saints en Sons of Settlers.  Die Toer eindig in die groep se tuisdorp, Kaapstad, by Mercury Live op 31 Mei 2013.

Duba BikeToer Skedule:

28 April  – Park Acoustics, Voortrekker Monument, Eeufees weg

30 April  – Rockabillys, Edenvale

1 Mei  – Aandklas Pretoria, Hatfield Square

2 Mei  – Betego’s Night Club, Benoni

3 Mei  – Stones, Centurion

4 Mei  – Arcade Empire, Equestria

7 Mei  – Café Barcelona, Pretoria

8 Mei  – Barnyard Vereeniging

9 Mei  – Memphis Rock, Potchefstroom

10 Mei  – Gig tyd, Boksburg

11 Mei  – Blue Moon, Nelspruit

31 Mei  – Mercury Live, Kaapstad

Die Kartel sal in Junie die ons land se grense verlaat, om die Nederlanders n les in rock ‘n roll te gaan gee, met hulle Afrikaans Verower Harte: The Netherlands 2013 Tour

Datums: Afrikaans Verower Harte: The Netherlands 2013 Tour.

13 Junie – Melkweg, Amsterdam

15 Junie – Spot, Middelburg

20 Junie – Paard Van Troje, Den Haag

21 Junie – Victorie, Alkmaar

22 Junie – Poppodium Underground, Lelystad

Gryp gou jou dagboek en pen neer die res van die Kartel gigs tot en met einde September.

Van Coke Kartel se gigs tot Septemter 2013:

20 April 2013 – Aandklas Stellenbosch

26 April 2013 – Dolosfees, Richardsbaai

7 Junie 2013 – Berties Mooring, Gordon’s Bay (acoustic)

29 Junie 2013 – MK Kliphard, Nelspruit

5 Julie 2013 – Dizzy’s, Camps Bay (acoustic)

12 Julie 2013 – Dorpstraat Teater, Stellenbosch (acoustic)

13 Julie 2013 – Die Boer, Durbanville (acoustic)

17 Julie 2013 – Rumours Lounge, Weltevreden Park

18 Julie 2013 – Aandklas Pretoria, Hatfield Square (acoustic)

19 Julie 2013 – Tin Cups, Witbank

20 Julie 2013 – Liedjieboer, Midrand

24 Julie 2013 – Arcade Empire, Equestria (acoustic)

25 Julie 2013 – Memphis Rock, Potchefstroom (acoustic)

26 Julie 2013 – Wolmer Bush Lounge, Pretoria North

30 Augustus 2013 – Red Ruby, Fochville

31 Augustus 2013 – Lentelawaai, Pretoria

14 September 2013 – Sing Tot Ek Hoor (Charity), Secunda Stadium

27 September 2013, Wie’s Baden, Bloemfontein

28 September 2013 – Memphis Rock, Potchefstroom


Amptelike webtuiste: http://www.vancokekartel.co.za


Band Blog: http://www.vancokekartel.co.za/dftwr

Musiekvideos: http://www.vimeo.com/vancokekartel/videos

Musiek: http://www.vancokekartel.co.za/hifi 

Fotos: http://www.vancokekartel.co.za/photos/press-shots

Foto: Fred van Leeuwen

Snowing Down South on the move.

26 Mar

Snowing Down South’s debut single “Not Your Fault” is available for free download!


Download the single here: https://soundcloud.com/snowing-down-south/snowing-down-south-its-not

Snowing Down South is a four piece band, hailing from Potchefstroom. They do however not form part of the typical “Potch core crowd” – or so they say.  Their sound is stated as a fusion between older and newer rock genres – drawing influence from CCR, The Beatles, The Kooks, Kings of Leon and Queens of the Stone Age.

The band is made up of original members from Alleen Na Desember , Simeon Kriel (Drums and vocals) and Gust Greyvenstein (Bass and vocals) – introducing new members Paul Siebert (Guitars and vocals) and Lihan Puren (Guitar and vocals).

They may not have been long on the scene, but they have already shared the stage with some of the biggest bands in the industry. These bands include; Frankie Fire, Glaskas, Fokofpolisiekar and Van Coke Kartel.

Their debut video is currently on YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlssUUwwtxw

The video has racked up more than 1500 views to date.

The band will start recording their new EP in April this year.

Snowing Down South are endorsed by Rock Solid Music and Jagermeister.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/snowingdownsouth

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/SnowingDown

Photo: Geran Van Zyl

The Black Cat Bones: Best Live Act in SA

26 Mar

The Black Cat Bones: Best Live Act in SA


On Sunday The Black Cat Bones walked away with the MK Award for Best Live act!

The Bones rocked over some major competition, including Van Coke Kartel, Fokofolisiekar, Bittereinder and Jeremy Loops.

Andre Kriel says: “We feel extremely honored to have won the award and are very thankful for our fans and friends who voted. We believe that the people have spoken! We are ready and very amped for the killer opportunities that will arise from this. Massive thanks to MK and everyone who made this possible!”


The band released a promotional video earlier this month featuring the self-titled track from their forthcoming coming album, The Black Cat Bones.

Watch the video here now!


Make sure to not miss any of their upcoming gigs:

29 March Otterlake festival, Pretoria

7 April Tings ‘n Times, Pretoria

25 April Café Barcelona

18 May Arcade Empire, Pretoria

18 April Lady Luck, Springs

25 May STRAB, Ponta Malongane

Photos: Louise Pieterse

Die Heuwels in ’n Rofstoeigreep en ’n SkoleJAM!

26 Mar

Stefanus Rabie en Rodeo Productions het netjies saamgewerk om ‘n wenner van die nuwe Heuwels Fantasties video te maak.

JAck Parow release form 1

Die video vir Rofstoeigreep is my gunsteling Heuwels video tot op hede.

Hunter Kennedy het die volgende te sê oor die nuwe video:

“Die aanvanklike idee was om die intro van die 90’s TV-reeks Tropical Heat na te boots. Phillip lyk nes daai ou! Maar ons het maar net ‘n lekker tyd gehad op die ou einde. Waterponies, Hobie Cats, Speedboats, Waterski, Seiljagte, Jeep jaag… Hierdie is die goed waarvoor ons lief is

Die video is in die Weskus by Oude Pos geskiet.


Rofstoeigreep kry ‘n klassieke tong in kies video – Kyk en geniet hom nou!! 


En in ander Heuwels Nuus.

Die Heuwels Fantasties, MK en Blackberry vertrek binnekort op die SKOLEJAM toer. Die toer gaan die Supergroep na 12 Skole regoor Suid – Afrika neem. Pierre Greeff sê: “Dit is ‘n wonderlike platform vir ons om ons musiek te neem na mense wat nog nie ons vertonings gesien het nie. Hierdie toer sou nie moontlik gewees het sonder borge soos MK en BlackBerry nie. Dit is wonderlik en toon hul verbintenis tot die Suid Afrikaanse musiek toneel en die land se jeug.”


18 April – Hardekool Akademie, Ellisras

19 April – Hoërskool Rustenburg, Rustenburg

30 April – Grey College, Bloemfontein

1 Mei – Merriespruit Laerskool, Virginia

2 Mei – Laerskool A.G Visser, Heidelberg

3 Mei – Kriel Hoërskool, Kriel

4 Mei – Hoërskool Delmas, Delmas

6 Mei – Hoërskool Vredendal, Vredendal

7 Mei – Hoërskool Vredenburg, Vredenburg

8 Mei – Paul Roos Gimnasium, Stellenbosch

9 Mei – Parel Vallei Hoërskool, Somerset Wes

10 Mei – Hoërskool Punt, Mosselbaai

Twitter: @DieHeuwels

Facebook: http://www.faceook.com/dieheuwels

Lucy Kruger collaborates with reality Dutch duo.

22 Mar

On the 26th of March, Lucy Kruger will be sharing the Carnival Court stage in Long Street with Dutch Reality stars, Nick and Simon.

Lucy Kruger 2, photo by Patrick Ryan

The Dutch duo is in South – Africa to shoot a reality series in which they explore the country and its vibrant music scene. The series will also see the duo meet up and – collaborate with, some of the country’s hottest emerging talents.

One of their first creative collaborations will be with velvet voiced Lucy Kruger. They approached Lucy after hearing her music; complimenting her sultry voice, exceptional song-writing ability and inimitable on stage persona.

The collaboration will take the form of an impromptu jam session, during one of Lucy’s shows at Carnival Court.

Lucy will open her set as usual, at some point throughout her set, invite the duo to play one or two of their own songs, and eventually end the show with a collaborative effort.

Make sure you make a break for Carnival Court this coming Tuesday from 8pm onwards.

Social media links:

Website: http://lucykruger.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LucyKrugerOfficial

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/lucykruger

Photo: Patrick Ryan

REBURN returns with ‘Won’t Let Go’

19 Mar

REBURN are ready to let RIP another single off their forthcoming album – rumored to drop end of August this year.


Won’t Let go, the second single off their forthcoming album, is considered a labor of love from the side of front man Scottie Moore. According to Moore, the song came together organically – revolving around the mindset of individuals who can’t let go of past relationships, failing to see promise in the future. Says Moore about the new track: “It’s so different from our other tracks, but really gives you the feeling of where we are heading as a band. We are very proud of how this song turned out!”

Won’t Let Go is the final single to be released off the forthcoming album, before it drops end August.

Listen/download Won’t Let Go here:

Link:  https://soundcloud.com/reburn-band/wont-let-go

Catch a REBURN gig near you: 

22 March – Mercury Live

6  April – Buckleys Bellville

19 April – VIVA Cafe

26th – 28th April –  Mossel Bay & George Tour

REBURN social realm:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ReburnCT

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/reburn-band/

Photo: Mielas Photography