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Gerald Clark on the move!

4 Mar

Hot on the heels of Gerald Clark’s Black Water release, is a headlining act at one of the country’s most respected Blues festivals, a tour to the Czech Republic and a soon to be released new full length album!


Local and international audiences can rejoice – some Gerald Clark live is heading your way.

On the 2nd of March, Clark will be occupying a headlining spot at the BIG Blues Music Festival in Kleinmond. After the BIG Blues Music Festival, Clark will pack up his guitar to set sail – or rather take flight – to the Czech Republic for a few live performances .

Some of Clark’s Czech Republic shows  include:

 12 March 2013 –  Jazz Dock, Prague

 15 March 2013 – Club Andaluzja, Poland

 22 March 2013 – Echo of Blues Alive Festival (17th anniversary)

 23 March 2013 – Jazzinec Jazz Festival (15th anniversary), playing alongside such greats as Erik Truffaz and Anna Aaron (F/CZ), the Paul Lieberman Quartet (USA/CZ), Frank Gambale Natural High Trio (USA) and the Benson McGlashan Jazz Trio (USA, CAN, CZ)

 27 March 2013 –  Piestany, West Slovakia


Clark is obviously extremely excited about the shows in the Czech Republic.

He still remembers the day he read BB King’s autobiography. King was standing in front of 100 000 people on a stage in Moscow. They didn’t understand his language, but they did not have to. His guitar and his voice were the true communicators. Clark says: “I feel honored to go to a foreign country to speak the only language I know well…and that’s the blues.”

After his Czeching adventures, Clark will return to South – Africa to release his brand new album. The album is currently in its polishing phase and promises to introduce a wider audience to his exceptional voice.

According to Clark, the new album is coming along great. The songs have been accumulated over a long period, with a few new songs composed after his vocal setback last year. The music falls outside of a specific genre box. Schalk van der Merwe helped Clark to produce an album that promises to depict a new level in musical maturity to Clark’s work.


Some of the phenomenal artists featured on the new album include; Adriaan Brand (from Springbok Nude Girls) on trumpet and accordion,  Ronan Skillen on percussion, Guy Collins (from Mean Black Mamba and Hot Water) on slide guitar and banjo and Simon Orange on piano and Hammond. The album is being recorded at T-Time studio’s, with Tim Rankin as musical dictator, mixer, engineer and drummer. Luna Paige and Karlien van der Walt feature on backing vocals. Clark proudly states: “ It’s going to sound awesome!”

 Photos: Vetman design and photography


Gerald Clark Releases Black water.

10 Dec

Gerald Clark’s Black Water music video – masterfully executed by Yesterfang Puppetry & Gerald-Clark-Black-Water-Music-Video-Screenshot-8Animation – launched at a private screening on Saturday 8 December. The video for Gerald Clark’s crooning ballad ‘Black Water’ has effectively taken the notion the South African public has of locally produced music videos and turned it on its head.

Clark worked closely with Marius Joubert and Daneille Jacobs from Yesterfang Puppetry & Animation in Stellenbosch to create a theatrical action/combat scene that showed a progressive fight between two characters in which the undercurrent theme is the chase of desire and vengeance.


Says Daneille from Yesterfang about their process: “The video as a whole took ten months to complete and include creation of concept, storyboarding, character development, set design, animating, filming and editing.The project consists of 10 771 photographs taken in sequence to create the illusion of movement. In each photo the characters were manually manipulated no more than 5mm at a time. The video was filmed on a constructed set in the centre of a dam in Trompsburg in the Free State Province, South Africa.


The characters were constructed by sculpting realistic figures out of clay and were thereafter moulded in silicone. Each character is intact with a wire armature which serves as an operational skeleton. Additional materials used in finalizing the puppets include dog and horse hair, an old leather wallet, food colouring, fabric and olive oil.









” With this level of dedication to their craft, the pair succeeded in creating a beautifully moody backdrop against which ‘Black Water’ really comes into its own. Says Gerald Clark about ‘Black Water’: “Black Water was written a few years ago and never got to the place where it is now. I’ve recorded it twice but it didn’t have what the song needed. I feel I nailed it with this recording.


The theme coils around my encounter with a beautiful woman and that moment when I realised how dangerously strong that addiction could be.” A better pairing in terms of talent would be hard to find! See the video for ‘Black Water’ here.


Find out more about Yesterfang here and follow them on Facebook here.

Social media links:

Website: http://www.geraldclark.co.za

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/geraldjamesclark

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thegeraldclark Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/geraldclarkmusicq

SA’S BEST to perform at the Gerald Clark Benefit Concert @ Mercury LIVE

8 Aug

SA’S BEST to perform at the Gerald Clark Benefit Concert @ Mercury LIVE

Sunday 19 August:  13h00 – late

Gerald Clark recently underwent surgery to remove a growth that has been obstructing his vocal chords, effectively leaving him with only two-thirds of his full vocal ability for the past two years. Due to his vocal condition his launch tour that was scheduled for September had to be cancelled after strict doctor’s orders not to perform for the next three months.

Friends and colleagues have all decided to pitch in and do an all-star benefit concert to help raise funds for Gerald Clark’s medical bills and loss of income over the next couple of months. Kevin Winder from Mercury Live agreed to host this concert at his popular venue.

The benefit concert will also double as the official launch of Gerald’s album and music video, both titled Black Water. The album was already recorded two years agoand was initially called Blues and Lovesongs. New additions on the album  include, ‘As the crow flies’, the foot stomping song that Clark recorded in collaboration with Theo Crous for use in the 2011 Volkswagen Amarok TV ad campaign, and ‘Marry me’, the theme song used for SA’s Wedding Week 2011. Originally composed by Gerald, ‘Marry me’ is very distinctive in style and gives audiences a taste of what is to come in Clark’s future ‘Country Soul’ venture.

The Black Water song recently received the full Yesterfang music video treatment, the album will be launched at this benefit concert alongside a stop-motion video crafted by this award-winning Stellenbosch animation set who recently received top honours at the 2012 MK Awards and is now also in the running for an international animation award. Fans will be able to purchase this new album at the benefit concert. His live DVD and CD will also be for sale at this event.

The concert also aims to create awareness about the importance of protecting the vocal chords and going for yearly check-ups when in the business of singing / any other profession where the voice is a main source of income. Over-exhaustion of the vocal chords is quite common under singers, teachers and public speakers. Dr Lood Rabie from Stellenbosch (021 88 38117) specialises in assisting those struggling with their vocal chords and will be assisting Gerald in his recovery process.

MCs Lize Swart and Peter Mitchell will host the evening and make sure that attendees are entertained between band performances.

Line up:

13h30 – 14h00 Janie & The Beard (30 minutes)

14h00 – 14h30 Jon Savage (30 minutes)

14h30 – 15h15 Natasha Meister (30 minutes)

15h30 – 16h00 Basson Laubscher (30 minutes)

16h10 – 16h40 The Parlor Vinyls (30 minutes)

16h45 – 17h15 Ann Jangle (30 minutes)

17h30 – 18h15 Lua Union (30 minutes)

18h30 – 19h00 Karen Zoid band (30 minutes)

19h15 – 20h00 Van Coke Kartel (45 minutes)

20h00 – 20h10 Video Launch

20h20 – 21h05 Boulevard Blues band, guest artist Gerald Clark (45 minutes)

21h15 – 22h30 Luna Paige band, guest artist Gerald Clark (45 minutes)

22h45 – 23h30 Piet Botha en Akkedis (45 minutes)

23h45 – 00h30 Valiant Swart Band (50 minutes)

00h30 – 01h00 JAM SESSION

For regular updates of this concert, join the Midnight Sessions SA Facebook page here.


  • Ticket price has been set at a minimum of R 50. Those who would like to support the cause are welcome to pay what they think the show is worth.
  • Raffles of R20 will be sold at the event. Winners stand a chance to win an expensive luxury wine hamper, as well as tickets to next year’s Big Blues Music Festival in Kleinmond. We would like to thank D’Aria, De Grendel, Muratie and Annandale for sponsoring the wine and Louise from Big Blues Festival for the tickets.
  • Pizzas can be ordered from Shack.
  • Scooter Angels will be on standby to escort those who decide to take the afternoon by storm and need safe transport home. They have agreed to drive benefit supporters at a 50% discount.


Gerald Clark to undergo surgery on the eve of new album launch.

23 Jul

Gerald Clark, veteran of SA blues scene, just received word that he is to undergo surgery on his vocal chords. This news comes mid of Clark’s preparation to re-launch Blues and Lovesongs under a brand new moniker – Black Water.

The launch date was set for the 30th of August at Mercury Blues Sessions.

The surgery required by Clark, will see doctors remove a growth that has been obstructing his vocal chords. This will effectively leave Clark with only two-thirds of his vocal ability.

Through a press release received from Clark’s PR, Ice Carstens, Fans are assured that the release of the album will go ahead as planned in August.

Clark is expected to be back in action by the end of October, and he plans to reschedule his Black Water tour for November/December.

More about the man…

Clark started his career as the frontman of blues outfit, Delta Blue. The band toured extensively – nationally and internationally – between 1999 and 2005.

In 2005, Clark kicked off his solo career in a big way with the release of his critically acclaimed Afrikaans album Sweepslag. The album received a SAMA Award nomination, three Tempo – and two Vonk nominations. The intervening years, saw Clark collaborate with the likes of Stephan Dixon, Albert Frost, Luna Paige – as well as industry heavyweights Van Coke Kartel, Dan Patlanksy and Bok van Blerk.

Clark recently returned from the US, where he blew the minds of audiences in Nashville, Memphis and Jackson. An album is in the works, and recording will commence as soon as Clark has fully recovered from surgery. The songs featured on the new album will fall under the blanket term – Country Soul, a term Clark has coined to describe the new direction his songwriting is exploring. These new tracks are set to haunting melodies that serve to support the varied nuances of Clark’s distinctive voice – a mature and contemporary take on his established style.

The Album is set for release in March 2013.

Best wishes go out to Clark in this coming few weeks.

We wish him a speedy recovery, and anxiously anticipate the big things we know are coming his way!