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Today the world is a lesser place.

10 Dec


I was asked to do a piece on Madiba for an overseas online mag – it was never posted and probably not sensational enough.
I don’t want these words wasted and I thus gladly post this piece  for whoever wishes to read it.

“If there are dreams about a beautiful South Africa, there are also roads that lead to their goal. Two of these roads could be named Goodness and Forgiveness.” – Nelson Mandela

Nineteen years ago, the southern tip of Africa went to the ballot boxes for the first time as absolute equals. For years this country I call home, was governed by a terrible demon that created chaos, hatred and pain with tools of oppression and division. You all know it as Apartheid.
At that time, I was only eight years old. I lived happily on a farm with my Afrikaans parents, blissfully unaware of the pain that so many of my fellow countrymen were experiencing. I grew up sheltered and my parents did a lot to make sure that our innocence was kept. All the grisly details of reality in South Africa were locked out of our house.
I do remember that morning of the elections. There was nervousness in our house – something that did not really make sense. I remember my parents talking about whether they would go vote or not. There was a covered up restlessness in their voices and their actions that further added to my confusion. After breakfast, we were told that we were not allowed to play outside that day. I threw the biggest tantrum that morning… I did not understand!
I understand the nervousness now. It was of two Afrikaans white people scared of the inevitable change that the results of the elections could bring. That fear was justifiable, I guess. For years one race oppressed another – what would happen if the wheel turned? There was much pain and anger in the outside world and usually the combination of pain, anger and fear brings great disaster.
But disaster was kept at bay that day – and the days to follow – by one great leader. Madiba rose that day as a leader and as a saviour. He took charge of our country with great strength and compassion. He had a dream for this country. He wanted to build a nation where brothers and sisters of different backgrounds, race, sex and beliefs could coincide as free men and women in harmony.
His mission of nation building was met with much resistance from black and white South Africans. Many black South Africans were still hurting, whilst many white South Africans were unwilling to accept change and the ruling of a leader they had jailed and deemed terrorist. Dr. Pieter Mulder, leader of the Freedom Front Plus in South Africa, remembers a specific moment where Madiba’s strength in principle really impressed him. At a packed stadium, Madiba interrupted the singing of the national anthem, when 40 000 people refused to sing the Afrikaans part of the anthem. After reprimanding the crowd, the anthem was sung once more – in its entirety.
In time emotions simmered down and things within our country started taking shape.

Day by Day our country’s father worked relentlessly towards the breaking of stereotypes and the rebuilding of a shared vision and dream for all South Africans. I can still remember the very first moment I saw our country in its entirety – the very first moment I saw the country not as black and white, but as a nation. It was the day of the 1995 rugby world cup final between the Springboks and the All Blacks. I remember sitting in front of the television excitedly awaiting the clash of the titans. I remember seeing Madiba walking out onto the field wearing his green and gold jersey. I can literally still see that scene play out in my head – the actual scene and not the one from the movie – and I can still hear my father comment, “Look, he’s wearing a Springbok jersey! Can you believe it? The President is wearing a Springbok jersey! That’s great.”

That day my father realized that this man would not take away the simple things he cherished and loved. That day Madiba brought a nation together through solidarity in sport.
Today our country mourns the loss of its saviour. We mourn the loss of a man that undeniably saved a nation from the brink of civil war. Where in the world has a country undergone such a dramatic political revolution without major blood loss. We mourn a man that buried his own pain in order to teach a nation to once more love and forgive. I visited Robin Island a few years back. This is a journey I believe all South Africans should undertake. There, I saw the cell Madiba had slept in during his imprisonment. For 18 years Madiba slept in a damp concrete cell measuring 8 feet (2.4 m) by 7 feet (2.1 m), on a straw mat. Standing by the bars and staring in, I could only try and imagine the type of human being that could forgive and love after spending 18 years sleeping on that straw mat. It broke my heart.
The news of Madiba’s passing hit hard – although we all knew it was coming… it still feels surreal. There is a sense of bitter silence in the air. There is no mass histeria… just quietness. Here and there I can see some people sharing a newspaper and even there facial expressions seem still. I guess it stems from the internal conflict of emotions – we realize that he could not live forever, but the knowledge of a world without its beloved Madiba seems wrong.
On a personal level, I guess, today I mourn more than the loss of a great leader. I mourn parts of his legacy that we do not uphold. Madiba fought for a country that is one; for a non-racial nation; for unity in diversity; and for a country where “never again one race will oppress another”. This notion prevented the blood shedding and established a smooth transition of power. Today his ANC, the governing party, looks and acts much different.
It is thus important today, for each South African – and in effect every person in the world – to reflect upon Madiba’s legacy and how we could each contribute to uphold such – and immortalise this great leader.

Mandela made mistakes. He was human. But he admitted these mistakes and confessed his human errors. This in essence is a quality lacking in current leaders and part of Mandela’s legacy which should be remembered and sought to instil as part of our value systems.

“I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying.” – Nelson Mandela

I end this piece off on a happy note.
I end this piece off with a video of the way in which most South Africans will remember the father of our nation. Madiba loved music and he loved to dance. It feels like every public appearance ended with the iconic Madiba Jive. O, how my mom loved it whenever there were clips or segments that showed him do his jive. He always had this big warm smile on his face as he jived like a champion. At a concert in 1999, the great Johnny Clegg performed a song that he dedicated to Madiba, Asimbonanga . Madiba came on stage mid-song and danced happily around the stage. He had the biggest smile and the warmth just shone brightly through those big brown eyes.
At the end of the song Madiba said : “It is Music and Dancing that makes me at peace with the world and at peace with myself.”

After a long bed rest, I’m so happy that you can finally find peace with world and with yourself once more – I’m sure you’re teaching the angels your jive as we speak. Rest in peace beloved Madiba.

Video Link:


aKING at Manila Bar – 15 June 2013.

11 Jun

Cape Town, you lucky lot!

On the 15th of June you can catch aKING at the new place in Town, Manila Bar in Longmarket Street.




Date: Saturday, 15 June

Line-up: aKING, Dogtown, DJ Drive by Disco

Venue:  Manila Bar

Address:  161 Longmarket Street, Cape Town

Cover: R50

Facebook link:

If you mis this for some or other reason – cath them on the 12th of July .


Date: Friday, 12 July

Line-up: aKING

Venue: Berties Mooring

Address: The Boardwalk, Harbour Island, Gordon’s Bay

Cover: R50



14 May


MK BESTEMMING is a new web series that will make musicfolk flies on the walls of musicians’ worlds during the biggest music festivals in the country.

Fans will get the chance to be a part of the musician’s festival experience.

From the roadtrip to the festival, to the humble tent in which they sleep, to food meant to still the hunger pains, to the actual show and all around festival experience –  MK BESTEMMING will make you a part of it all.

MK BESTEMMING will air every Monday and Thursday at 15h00 on MK’s social media platforms.

Louise Pieterse, Sune Lotter and Nicole Olwagen are the leading ladies, heading this exciting venture.

They have this to say about MKBESTEMMING:

Sune Lotter: “I am so excited about the chance we have to make fans part of this exciting industry. The human aspect that you will experience when watching this is the part that excites me the most!

Louise Pieterse: “Every fan wants a spot on a band’s tour bus and this is their chance. I am super excited about showing music enthusiasts ’n 360 view on the industry.  Everyone has their own views on how things work within the industry. I am sure MK BESTEMMING will open up a few eyes.

Nicole Olwagen: “I’m excited that we can provide this kind of platform for fans and musicians alike. I hope that in the future we can take this to the next level!”

The web series will be posted directly to MK’s LifeStream/Youtube channel on a weekly basis.

Season one and two of the series, are pilots and not yet perfect. They do however give you a clear indication of what the series is all about!  Season three – which will be shot at STRAB – will be a full-fledged production.

MKBESTEMMING has already launched three episodes of the first series, featuring ISO at Splashy Fen.

Episode 1: ISO / Splashy Fen, The Journey.

Episode 1 showcases ISO’s journey to SPALSHY Fen and the general Splashy Fen vibe experienced.

This proved to be quite the festive experience and one truly gets a feel for the musician’s experience of the festival.

Watch EP 1 here: 

Episode 2: ISO / Splashy Fen, Interview with a band.

MK BESTEMMING Episode 2 is an interesting full band interview with ISO. This is your chance to get the skinny on the ISO men — straight from the horse’s mouth. Mary Sunshine in the morning, the biggest party animal, the most responsible, the laziest, the grumpiest — ISO spills the beans on who’s who in the band.

Watch EP 2 here: 

Episode 3: ISO / Splashy Fen, How It All Started.

MK BESTEMMING Episode 3 paints the picture of how ISO got started! We ask the individual band members to give their personal recollections of where/how it all began. We end up with a mighty interesting story with some individual flair.

Watch EP 3 here:

Episode 4 will be released on Thursday at 15h on MK’s LifeStream/Youtube channel.


REBURN returns with ‘Won’t Let Go’

19 Mar

REBURN are ready to let RIP another single off their forthcoming album – rumored to drop end of August this year.


Won’t Let go, the second single off their forthcoming album, is considered a labor of love from the side of front man Scottie Moore. According to Moore, the song came together organically – revolving around the mindset of individuals who can’t let go of past relationships, failing to see promise in the future. Says Moore about the new track: “It’s so different from our other tracks, but really gives you the feeling of where we are heading as a band. We are very proud of how this song turned out!”

Won’t Let Go is the final single to be released off the forthcoming album, before it drops end August.

Listen/download Won’t Let Go here:


Catch a REBURN gig near you: 

22 March – Mercury Live

6  April – Buckleys Bellville

19 April – VIVA Cafe

26th – 28th April –  Mossel Bay & George Tour

REBURN social realm:



Photo: Mielas Photography

Come Together Tour featuring Shannon Hope & Dividable Grand

6 Mar

(Tour includes performances in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Stellenbosch, Cape Town, Melkbos, Jeffreysbay, East London, PE.)

The Come Together Tour will see award-winning pianist and vocal artist Shannon Hope, join forces with the fresh-faced Dividable Grand, to bring a show that promises to impress.

The show is being described as Adele meets the Beatles, with a cello, some percussion and exciting guest appearances thrown into the mix.

Come Together photo

With regards to the artists that make out this exciting tour;

Shannon Hope.

Shannon Hope has Mastercard type credit backing her career. She is known as one of the hardest touring artists in the country and she has graced the stages of most major festivals. She has two full length albums – enjoying radio play across country – to her credit. In 2011, she was awarded a Standard Bank Ovation Award by the National Arts Festival in recognition of “artistic innovation, excellence, the exploitation of new performance styles and the courage to open new conversations in the arts.”

Dividable Grand.

Dividable Grand are newcomers to the scène. They released their debut album, The Buzz, in October 2012. The album has enjoyed extensive radio play on stations like KFM, RSG, ECR and numerous campus radio stations in South Africa. The album was referred to as, “…well above average as far as debut albums are concerned”, by The Citizen’s Genevieve Vieira.

Come Together Tour Dates:

Saturday, 02 March 2013

Gingko Restaurant, Johannesburg

(61 Dundalk Ave, cnr Roscommon Ave, Parkview. Tel: 011 486 3361)

Tickets are R125

Doors 2.30pm for 3pm

Sunday, 03 March 2013

House Concert, Johannesburg

(10 Santa Fe, corner of During Street and Paul Kruger Road, Honeydew Manor)

Tickets are R50 (Tel: 083 289 4616)

Thursday, 07 March 2013

Café Barcelona, Pretoria

(Elardus Park Shopping Centre, Corner of Delmas and Barnard Street, Elardus Park, Pretoria – Tel: 012 345 3602)

Tickets are R60

Friday, 08 March 2013

Aasvoelklub, Bloemfontein

(GPS Coordinates: S29 9.099, E26 5.594 – Bloemfontein. Tel: 084 559 8991)

Tickets are R40 pre-sale and R50 at the door

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dorpstreet Theatre, Stellenbosch

(Summerhill Farm, The Shed, R44 to Klapmuts, Stellenbosch. Tel: 021 889 9158)

Tickets are R70

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Alexander Theatre, Cape Town

(76 Strand Street, Cape Town. Tel: 021 300 1652)

Tickets are R80

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Seaside Blues Restaurant, Melkbosstrand

(Cnr of 6th Avenue and Beach Road, Melkbosstrand. Tel: 021 553 2615)

Tickets are R80

Friday, 22 March 2013

Potters Place, Jeffreys Bay

(18 Oosterland Street, Jeffreys Bay. Tel: 042 293 2500)

Tickets are R70

Doors 6.30pm for 8pm

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Music Kitchen, Port Elizabeth

(69 Mangold Street, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth. Tel: 041 364 1964)

Tickets are R70

Doors 7pm for 8.30pm

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Murambi Country Kitchen, East London

(Sunrise Drive, Sunrise-On-Sea, East London. Tel: 084 600 5716)

Tickets are R60 (cash bar, bring your own picnic or order from the venue)

Doors 2pm for 3pm

Grant Nash is on a mission save the Dolphins.

14 Feb

Media personality, former 5FM and Highveld DJ, Grant Nash, is on a mission to save the world’s dolphin community.5372_115723216959_4494485_SMALL1[1]

Grant is currently in Taiji Japan, as part of an awareness campaign against the vile slaughter of tens of thousands of dolphins, porpoises and small whales. He was approached by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an international non-profit marine conservation organization, to help shed light and awareness on this grotesque annual occurrence. With the backing of PURE IMAGINATION MEDIA and CANON South Africa, Grant will be documenting every aspect of his trip.

Dragging Aboard Dolphin- Blood
Every year more than 20 000 dolphins, porpoises, and small whales are slaughtered in Japan. From the beginning of September to March the following year, fisherman herd whole families of small cetaceans into shallow bays to slaughter them. This annual occurrence was brought to light in 2003 when Sea Shepherd globally released covertly-obtained footage and photographs of the now infamous bloody “Cove” in the village Taiji.


Herded in to the cove for slaughter.

Herded in to the cove for slaughter.

The widespread controversial release of the documentary, The Cove, got people talking on all social platforms. More and more people are now aware of what happens in the cove in Taiji. Continual pleas to the Japanese government to put an end to this annual slaughter have fallen upon death ears. The blind eye Japanese officials are turning to the situation, has not dampened the spirits and efforts of the hundreds of Cove Guardians.


Through the continual documentation of the Taiji slaughter, Grant and the rest of the Cove Guardians are hoping to bring about international pressure for change. On the ground, they try to force economic pressure on the local government of Taiji, as well as the Japanese Government. Policeman and the National Guard are deployed in Taiji to keep an eye on the fisherman. They say: “If we can continue to stream in- and continue to apply this economic pressure on the killers and the captive trade, we hope to create an environment where they feel the pressure to stop the killing and captures.”


Members part of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Grant explains his drive to help raise awareness on the Taiji cove and its killings by saying:
“The Ocean, which covers two thirds of our planet, is an extremely volatile and complicated eco-system. This eco-system thrives and functions on diversity. Once you eliminate an entire species you cause havoc on the biodiversity of the seas. Dolphins are highly intelligent, social animals who communicate and live in complex family units like we do. They play a very important role in this biodiversity. Seeing that the oceans give our planet two thirds of its oxygen supply, most scientists and biologists agree that messing with this ecology is going to have devastating effects.
In short, the issue of dolphin slaughter or the decimation of any natural resource is a global dilemma that has far reaching and devastating implications for us all, and as custodians of this planet we have the most important role to play in its conservation.”

Grant also has a message for every dolphin lover out there. He says: “Don’t support the captive trade anywhere in the world, especially here at home. I am a scuba diver who has had many direct encounters with wild dolphins; trust me when I say it’s far, far more rewarding than watching them jump through stupid hoops and smacking a ball with their tail. If you love dolphins like I do, become a SCUBA diver and see them in the wild and stop contributing to the death of thousands of these incredible creatures yearly by the direct support of marine parks and aquariums. Become a Cove Guardian!”

For more information, or to become a Cove Guardian, connect with the organization online:

MK Awards 2013: Nominasies

4 Feb

Vrydag die 1ste Februarie is die nominasies vir  2013 se MK Awards die kuberruim ingestuur.Picture1[1]

As jy soos ek tot nou toe nog gefees en geCreek het – en nog nie presies weet wie vir wat genomineer is nie – vat gerus ’n loer hier.

Drum roll please…


Die nominasies vir die MK Awards 2013 is:


Beste Video

Die Heuwels Fantasties – Verraadplaas

Tailor – Wolf

The Frown – The National

The Parlotones – Honey Spiders

Van Coke Kartel – Tot Die Son Uitkom

Zebra & Giraffe – I’ll Blame you

Beste Nuweling

Gangs of Ballet – Hello Sweet World

Goodnight Wembley – Time Machine

Spoegwolf – Lenie Blou

Tailor – Wolf

Toya DeLazy – Pump It On

Woodstock Mafia – Electric Light


Beste Group

Die Antwoord – Baby Is On Fire

ISO – Destiny

The Plastics – Stereo Kids

Van Coke Kartel – Dis ‘n Land

Zebra & Giraffe – I’ll Blame You

Beste Rock

Jack Parow ft. Francois van Coke – Hard Partytjie Hou

Taxi Violence – Unholy

Van Coke Kartel – Dis ‘n Land

Woodstock Mafia – Electric Light

Zebra & Giraffe – I’ll Blame you

Beste SFX/Animasie

Absinthe – Love Will Tear US Apart

Haezer ft. Lark – Brave

Mr Sakitumi – Jungle Jimmy

The Frown – The National

The Parlotones – Honey Spiders

Beste Indie

Ashtray Electric – Bittersweet Manipulator

Black Handed Kites – Up

Mug-Shot – Bare Bones

Shortstraw – One Long Day

The Plastics – Stereo Kids


Beste Dans

Die Antwoord – Baby Is On Fire

Double Adapter – Eat You Alive

Goodluck – Harlem

Johnny Neon – Hearts

Pascal & Pearce – Disco Sun

Best Solo Kunstenaar

Bouwer Bosch ft. Jaco van der Merwe – (K)anker

ChianoSky – Sick Sick Sick

Jeremy Loops – Howling

Shotgun Tori – Sweet Weather

Toya DeLazy – Love Is In The Air

Beste Live Act



Gangs of Ballet

Jeremy Loops

The Black Cat Bones

Van Coke Kartel

Best SA Musiekfees

Oppikoppi 2012

RAMfest 2012

Rocking The Daisies 2012

Synergy 2012

Up The Creek 2012


Maak  seker jy laat jou stem  val op die MK webwerf – jou stem kan vir jou gunsteling die verskil tussen ’n doodskoot en ’n wen wees.

Om jou stem te laat hoor, gaan na:

Stemme is nou oop en sal sluit om 12:00nm op 8 Maart 2013.

Die wennners in die 10  kategorieë sal op 24 Maart 2013 by die Staatsteater in Pretoria aangekondig word.

aKING set to rock 2013!

29 Jan

aKING is undoubtedly one of the most respected rock outfits this country has to offer.

trap - Jaco S Venter - HR

With gut-punching lyrics delivered by a distinctive deep gruff voice on the back of perfectly balanced notes and tunes – it’s hard to understand why these Cape Town boys have not yet landed a major international break.

End last year the band released two brand new tunes – an indication of what fans can expect off their new album (currently in production). Jezebel and Wild child gave indication of aKING going back to their raw rock and roll roots found on Dutch courage – incorporated with the three vocal treatment – and a few other elements – found on The Red Blooded Years.

The singles are music worth the excitement they entice. Jezebel got some added legs with the brilliant light inspired video, courtesy of MK’s MVP project. The song also caused havoc on MFM’s Rock Top 10 as well as the MFM SA Top 10. Although Jezebel hooked my senses within seconds of the first listen – it is Wild Child I keep on constant repeat. The gorgeous layered rock and roll offering, that builds up to a proper grand finale, blows my mind with every listen.

I am thoroughly excited about this new album in production.

I think it safe to say – aKING fans can expect something special.

Fans can keep an eye out for constant updates regarding the albums progress.

In the meantime, fans in Potchefstroom and Cape Town – of course – can rejoice! aKING will be rocking your roots in the coming weeks.

Potch – aKING will be rocking RAG on the Potchefstroom Cricket grounds on the 31st of January. Get there early!

Cape Town – aKING will be entertaining the masses at The Cape Town Tens – the world’s biggest rugby tens tournament – on the 1st of February.

R70 – Adults

R50 – students

Kids under 12 go in free.

Be sure to get your tickets here:

Photo: Jaco S Venter

Red Huxley hit the coast.

11 Dec

Red Huxley will be touring the coast this December!image[1]

Catch Red Huxley  at one – or more – of the following shows.

28th Dec – Rock the River
18:00 Main Stage
29th Dec – The Mexican, J Bay
Line up: Shadowclub, Red Huxley
Address:  49 Flame Cresen, J Bay
Contact:  042293210
Time: 9pm
30th Dec – Pool City Walmer, Port Elizabeth
Line up: Van Coke Kartel & Huis Najaar & Vergeet Van Gister & Red Huxley
Address: 13/14 Times Square, Heugh Road, Port Elizabeth
Contact: 041 581 0980
Time: 9pm
Tickets: R60 p/p
31st Dec – The Ruins, 5FM New Years Concert, St Francis Bay
5th Jan – Brass Bell, Kalk Bay


10 Dec


Time Machine Tour

Alex Krause, Gideon de Kock, George van der Spuy, Jean Labuschagne, Nic Gaud

Photo by: Baden Moir

Goodnight Wembley_Baden Moir_HR

Goodnight Wembley!, known for their larger-than-life sound and presence are taking their sizzling brand of Retro Rock to the East Coast for The Time Machine Tour.

Regarding the tour, frontman George van der Spuy says : “We’re very excited about our December East Coast Tou. Many people from various parts of the country are down the coast throughout this time and often don’t get to see many bands during the hectic hustle and bustle of their normal week. Most of the public have also only heard the one song on radio (hence the aptly named ‘Time Machine Tour’) and this  will give them the opportunity to see our actual live performance  and hear what the rest of the repertories sounds like! Our album will be released early 2013.”

The success of the band’s first single, Time Machine, created such a great demand that the guys wasted no time to get to the studio.  Goodnight Wembley!  are finishing up the recording on their  drummer, Jean Labuschagne’s farm outside Stellenbosch.  This serene setting brought a unique edge to the bands dynamic, inspiring them to write new material and concentrate on perfection. Brendyn ‘Rusti’ Rossouw from Heritage Sound is producing the band’s debut full length album.

“Here we are, making the biggest sounding rock album of our lives. Expect big drums, raw, grungy guitars and definite vocal hooks to remember the songs by. We are extremely excited for people to hear this!” says George.

Catch Goodnight Wembley! live on the Time Machine Tour

“Finally, Goodnight Wembley! took to the stage and surprised everyone.  With only having heard The Time Machine before, we weren’t expecting the grunge, dirty, awesome rock that was their performance.  They delivered in epic proportions.  Their set was tight, rehearsed, exciting hard rock and it was very impressive!” Melissa Kelly, Yes! Lifestyle Magazine

Time Machine Tour 2

12 Dec – Zanzibar, George

with Dividable Grand Address: 70 Courtenay Street, 6530 George, Western Cape Cover charge: R40 Time: +- 22:00 Opening Act: Dividable Grand +- 21:00

13 Dec – Lounge Bar, Jeffrey’s Bay

Address: 122a Da Gama Rd, Jeffrey’s Bay. Time +- 21:00

14 Dec – Pool City, P.E. with Shadowclub

Address: 13/14 Times Square, Heugh Road, Port Elizabeth Time: +- 21:00
15 Dec – Wild Kei Music Festival, Kei Mouth Address:  Bay View Farm Portion 6, Farm Number 71, District Of Komga
30 Dec – Rock the River Address: Savanna Farm, Windmeul road, Perdeberg

Watch Time Machine



Twitter: @gnightwembley

Get a taste of Goodnight Wembley! (Courtesy of Boom FM):