14 May


MK BESTEMMING is a new web series that will make musicfolk flies on the walls of musicians’ worlds during the biggest music festivals in the country.

Fans will get the chance to be a part of the musician’s festival experience.

From the roadtrip to the festival, to the humble tent in which they sleep, to food meant to still the hunger pains, to the actual show and all around festival experience –  MK BESTEMMING will make you a part of it all.

MK BESTEMMING will air every Monday and Thursday at 15h00 on MK’s social media platforms.

Louise Pieterse, Sune Lotter and Nicole Olwagen are the leading ladies, heading this exciting venture.

They have this to say about MKBESTEMMING:

Sune Lotter: “I am so excited about the chance we have to make fans part of this exciting industry. The human aspect that you will experience when watching this is the part that excites me the most!

Louise Pieterse: “Every fan wants a spot on a band’s tour bus and this is their chance. I am super excited about showing music enthusiasts ’n 360 view on the industry.  Everyone has their own views on how things work within the industry. I am sure MK BESTEMMING will open up a few eyes.

Nicole Olwagen: “I’m excited that we can provide this kind of platform for fans and musicians alike. I hope that in the future we can take this to the next level!”

The web series will be posted directly to MK’s LifeStream/Youtube channel on a weekly basis.

Season one and two of the series, are pilots and not yet perfect. They do however give you a clear indication of what the series is all about!  Season three – which will be shot at STRAB – will be a full-fledged production.

MKBESTEMMING has already launched three episodes of the first series, featuring ISO at Splashy Fen.

Episode 1: ISO / Splashy Fen, The Journey.

Episode 1 showcases ISO’s journey to SPALSHY Fen and the general Splashy Fen vibe experienced.

This proved to be quite the festive experience and one truly gets a feel for the musician’s experience of the festival.

Watch EP 1 here: 

Episode 2: ISO / Splashy Fen, Interview with a band.

MK BESTEMMING Episode 2 is an interesting full band interview with ISO. This is your chance to get the skinny on the ISO men — straight from the horse’s mouth. Mary Sunshine in the morning, the biggest party animal, the most responsible, the laziest, the grumpiest — ISO spills the beans on who’s who in the band.

Watch EP 2 here: 

Episode 3: ISO / Splashy Fen, How It All Started.

MK BESTEMMING Episode 3 paints the picture of how ISO got started! We ask the individual band members to give their personal recollections of where/how it all began. We end up with a mighty interesting story with some individual flair.

Watch EP 3 here:

Episode 4 will be released on Thursday at 15h on MK’s LifeStream/Youtube channel.



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