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Red Huxley hit the coast.

11 Dec

Red Huxley will be touring the coast this December!image[1]

Catch Red Huxley  at one – or more – of the following shows.

28th Dec – Rock the River
18:00 Main Stage
29th Dec – The Mexican, J Bay
Line up: Shadowclub, Red Huxley
Address:  49 Flame Cresen, J Bay
Contact:  042293210
Time: 9pm
30th Dec – Pool City Walmer, Port Elizabeth
Line up: Van Coke Kartel & Huis Najaar & Vergeet Van Gister & Red Huxley
Address: 13/14 Times Square, Heugh Road, Port Elizabeth
Contact: 041 581 0980
Time: 9pm
Tickets: R60 p/p
31st Dec – The Ruins, 5FM New Years Concert, St Francis Bay
5th Jan – Brass Bell, Kalk Bay

Gerald Clark Releases Black water.

10 Dec

Gerald Clark’s Black Water music video – masterfully executed by Yesterfang Puppetry & Gerald-Clark-Black-Water-Music-Video-Screenshot-8Animation – launched at a private screening on Saturday 8 December. The video for Gerald Clark’s crooning ballad ‘Black Water’ has effectively taken the notion the South African public has of locally produced music videos and turned it on its head.

Clark worked closely with Marius Joubert and Daneille Jacobs from Yesterfang Puppetry & Animation in Stellenbosch to create a theatrical action/combat scene that showed a progressive fight between two characters in which the undercurrent theme is the chase of desire and vengeance.


Says Daneille from Yesterfang about their process: “The video as a whole took ten months to complete and include creation of concept, storyboarding, character development, set design, animating, filming and editing.The project consists of 10 771 photographs taken in sequence to create the illusion of movement. In each photo the characters were manually manipulated no more than 5mm at a time. The video was filmed on a constructed set in the centre of a dam in Trompsburg in the Free State Province, South Africa.


The characters were constructed by sculpting realistic figures out of clay and were thereafter moulded in silicone. Each character is intact with a wire armature which serves as an operational skeleton. Additional materials used in finalizing the puppets include dog and horse hair, an old leather wallet, food colouring, fabric and olive oil.









” With this level of dedication to their craft, the pair succeeded in creating a beautifully moody backdrop against which ‘Black Water’ really comes into its own. Says Gerald Clark about ‘Black Water’: “Black Water was written a few years ago and never got to the place where it is now. I’ve recorded it twice but it didn’t have what the song needed. I feel I nailed it with this recording.


The theme coils around my encounter with a beautiful woman and that moment when I realised how dangerously strong that addiction could be.” A better pairing in terms of talent would be hard to find! See the video for ‘Black Water’ here.


Find out more about Yesterfang here and follow them on Facebook here.

Social media links:



Twitter: Youtube:


10 Dec


Time Machine Tour

Alex Krause, Gideon de Kock, George van der Spuy, Jean Labuschagne, Nic Gaud

Photo by: Baden Moir

Goodnight Wembley_Baden Moir_HR

Goodnight Wembley!, known for their larger-than-life sound and presence are taking their sizzling brand of Retro Rock to the East Coast for The Time Machine Tour.

Regarding the tour, frontman George van der Spuy says : “We’re very excited about our December East Coast Tou. Many people from various parts of the country are down the coast throughout this time and often don’t get to see many bands during the hectic hustle and bustle of their normal week. Most of the public have also only heard the one song on radio (hence the aptly named ‘Time Machine Tour’) and this  will give them the opportunity to see our actual live performance  and hear what the rest of the repertories sounds like! Our album will be released early 2013.”

The success of the band’s first single, Time Machine, created such a great demand that the guys wasted no time to get to the studio.  Goodnight Wembley!  are finishing up the recording on their  drummer, Jean Labuschagne’s farm outside Stellenbosch.  This serene setting brought a unique edge to the bands dynamic, inspiring them to write new material and concentrate on perfection. Brendyn ‘Rusti’ Rossouw from Heritage Sound is producing the band’s debut full length album.

“Here we are, making the biggest sounding rock album of our lives. Expect big drums, raw, grungy guitars and definite vocal hooks to remember the songs by. We are extremely excited for people to hear this!” says George.

Catch Goodnight Wembley! live on the Time Machine Tour

“Finally, Goodnight Wembley! took to the stage and surprised everyone.  With only having heard The Time Machine before, we weren’t expecting the grunge, dirty, awesome rock that was their performance.  They delivered in epic proportions.  Their set was tight, rehearsed, exciting hard rock and it was very impressive!” Melissa Kelly, Yes! Lifestyle Magazine

Time Machine Tour 2

12 Dec – Zanzibar, George

with Dividable Grand Address: 70 Courtenay Street, 6530 George, Western Cape Cover charge: R40 Time: +- 22:00 Opening Act: Dividable Grand +- 21:00

13 Dec – Lounge Bar, Jeffrey’s Bay

Address: 122a Da Gama Rd, Jeffrey’s Bay. Time +- 21:00

14 Dec – Pool City, P.E. with Shadowclub

Address: 13/14 Times Square, Heugh Road, Port Elizabeth Time: +- 21:00
15 Dec – Wild Kei Music Festival, Kei Mouth Address:  Bay View Farm Portion 6, Farm Number 71, District Of Komga
30 Dec – Rock the River Address: Savanna Farm, Windmeul road, Perdeberg

Watch Time Machine



Twitter: @gnightwembley

Get a taste of Goodnight Wembley! (Courtesy of Boom FM):

Up the Creek EXCITEMENT.

6 Dec

Up the Creek Music Festival brought to you by 4th Street, Swellendam: 31st UTC posterJanuary – 3rd February 2013.

I’ts competition fever at Up the Creek.


Up the Creek Festival 2013 is around the corner and if you buy your ticket before the 1st of  January 2013, you will automatically be entered in a lucky draw for the Winner Takes It All Competition

The magnificent UTC weekend package prize is valued at R4,000. 

The prize includes:

2 tickets for Up The Creek from 31st January – 3 February 2013                                                                                                                                                

A chalet for the weekend                                                                                                                                         

R1000.00 spending money                                                                                                                                                                                                                      4th Street Wine Hamper                                                                                                                                               

The refund of your original ticket purchase.                                                                                                                                                    

A year’s subscription to Rolling Stone SA Magazine including a limited edition Rolling Stone T-shirt.

The winner will be announced on 10 January 2013 on Facebook and Twitter.


Time to brighten up the Breede River with colourful shapes and sizes!

Having fun in the sun – floating in the great Breede River with your friends to the sounds of the bands on the MK river stage – now that sounds like something that will make me happy.  Mad happy.  The only prospect that can add more excitement to the above sketched scene, is the annual Anything that Floats Competition.

Friends – it’s time to get your game on and start building your very own fabulous floating spectacle.

How to enter:

Boats, lilos, inflatables, balloons – anything and everything that can add float to your boat is welcomed. Think creative! I’m talking feather boas, huge plastic ducks, floating baskets and disco  beach balls.

Winning “Best Float” will get you a bunch of great stuff including R3000 in cash, a hamper from our sponsor, two tickets to Up The Creek 2014 and two tickets to a Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concert of your choice. Other categories include “The Float with the Mostest” and “The Most Romantic Float.” And no guys, no winking, wine or flowers for the judges.

Bribery will score you no points.

For more details visit Up The Creek’ website:


Greenpop will join forces with Up the Creek in 2013 to create awareness and bring some cool Green elements to the festival. By introducing small changes to various areas of the event we will help to preserve this beautiful area at the Breede River so it can be enjoyed for the years to come.  Greenpop will be working with green packaging and products, creating recycling stations across the site. Activations and incentives will be set up throughout the weekend, ensuring cool green partners jump on board to raise awareness.

More about Greenpop.

Greenpop started in September 2010 and has since planted over 17000 trees in over 200 schools, crèches, orphanages, old-age homes, community centres as well as deforested areas. Creative tree-care programmes have been implemented and children, community members and volunteers are getting their hands dirty, learning a lot and loving it.

Misha Teasdale, director of Greenpop says, “Our objectives are to uplift communities, green urban and rural areas, create environmental awareness, combat climate change and make greening fun and popular so that a greener, more conscious movement is inspired.”

Heartbreak Motel:

Okay, so you’ve bought your ticket and you’re not sure where to stay.  Look no further.

If you want to rock with a touch of added comfort – the Heartbreak Motel is for you. There are various options of pre-pitched tents, hot showers, clean toilets, buffet breakfast and other luxuries. For more info and bookings go to:

More Competitions:

Various exciting competitions for Up the Creek 2013 are in motion. Check out their Competitions page on their website for all the details:

Some Ticket info for you.

Tickets at or on our FB page:

Thursday – Sunday :  Presales: R600.00 – Gate: R650.00

Friday – Sunday:  Presales: R550.00 – Gate: R600.00

Saturday – Sunday:  Presales: R450.00 – Gate: R500.00

Kids 13 years and younger: free entry.

 Social Media contact.



Up the Creek.

Sune Lotter

A hearty dose of Taxi Violence.

5 Dec

A hearty dose of Taxi Violence is planned for 2013. 480448_10151263291834744_49092871_n[1]

Taxi Violence is set to release their fourth full length album come 2013.The first single off the album – Paint the Streets – is currently burning some rubber on radio. It shows signs of Taxi Violence moving towards an upbeat party rock sound. Regarding the new sound, Jason Ling says, “It is an up-tempo shuffle with the simple message of leaving your worries behind and having a good time.”

Listen to Paint the Streets here:

 Shake a leg with Taxi Violence on the Stereo Machine Tour:


Taxi Violence will be taking to the road with their Stereo Machine Tour this December.

Catch your dose of Taxi Violence at the following venues:


Also performing: The Mysticcs and Them Birds



Also performing: Dividable Grand






Also performing: Piet Botha


Also performing: Spoek Mathambo, Wrestlerish, Kite Rider & Jon Savage




Taxi Violence Xmas Give-away


Christmas will come early this year! Taxi Violence will have something for your Christmas stocking on 14 December – ONE DAY ONLY. Keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter

Foto: Baden Moir

Taxi Violence

Sune Lotter