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SIBOT Releases Track On French Compilation, JFX Bits #5

31 Oct

French label Jarring Effects’ JFX Bits #5 Compilation was released today, the 31st of October.

The compilation, featuring 23 tracks from different artists, features SA’s own SIBOT.

The compilation is available on Jarring Effects’ website.

The 5th project started out 5 years ago, with the aim of discovering and promoting the work of up and coming new fresh music faces.

This album sports a taste of all the good stuff we love partying to – hip-hop, dubstep and electronic music.

The album is exclusively digital and can be downloaded on the Jarring Effects website. It can also be listened to on Soundcloud.

The fact that the music is distributed for free, does not impact on the quality of sound – nor the visual appeal thereof. 30 artists, two art directors, a graphic designer and a sound engineer worked several months to materialize this project.

Get it. Listen to it. Promote it.  

With one small simple gestures, you become more than just a listener – you become an actor, a major component in the diffusion of music.

Listen to JFX Bits #5 on Soundcloud:

Download the full package:

SIBOT Social Realm:





Woodstock Mafia releases some Rebel Dreams.

31 Oct

The Cape Town Based Mafia, is ready to let a storm of their very own rip the country a new one. Hot on the heels of the immensely successful Electric Light, is Rebel Dreams – the unofficial second single off the soon to be released album, coming in April 2013.

Rebel Dreams, highlights a different side to the band bringing together rock ingenuity with pop sensibility – or something like that.

Rebel Dreams will be available on Boom.FM and Soundcloud from 31 October 2012 – that would be today!

It’s a single well worth the download…a proper anthem type tune. If there is still a level of doubt amongst haters and critics on whether this band has what it takes to make it in the jungle of an industry – this is a in your face – Hells yes!



30 Oct

Gauteng, batten down the hatches!

Cape Town’s Woodstock Mafia is headed your way!

Launched in April 2011, Woodstock Mafia hit the ground running and made a fast mark on the local music scene. Their unique blend of hard, grunge and alternative rock sounds exploded onto live stages across country, soon making them a must see live performing band.

Their debut single, Electric Light,plundered most of the really good radio charts, reaching the top 10 on TUKS FM 107.2 and the nr 1 positionon the TUKS FM Most Wanted Top 20. The single has recently been playlisted on MFM, UCT Radio, PUK FM and of course 5FM.

The music video for Electric Light, directed by Cape Town director Ric Shields, held on tightly to the nr 1 position on  the MK chart for 4 consecutively weeks.

Watch Electric Light here:

Hot on the tracks of Electric Light, is the soon to be released new single – Rebel Dreams.Rebel Dreams will be the unofficial second single off the soon to be released album, coming in April of 2013.

According to the mafia men, this single will highlight a different side to the band, “Rebel Dreams will Bring together some rock ingenuity with pop sensibility.”

Rebel Dreams will be available on Boom.FM and Soundcloud from 31 October 2012.

So Jo-Toria, be sure to get your fix Electric Lights and Rebels Dreams at the following two Woodstock Mafia shows this coming weekend.

Friday 2 November

Town Hall, Newtown, JHB

Line-up: Woodstock Mafia, Shadowclub, Dead Alphabet & Red Huxley

 20:00; R70 at the door

Facebook event page:

Saturday 3 November

Cool Runnings, Moreleta Park, PTA

Line-up: : Woodstock Mafia, Dead Alphabet & Red Huxley

20:00; R30 at the door

Facebook event page:

The Red Blooded Years Special Edition is out now!

23 Oct

The first print runs of aKING’s  The Red Blooded Years were selling at such a rate during a time when  the band kept up their creative schedule of  writing and recording new songs,  that it seemed like a great idea to release a bumped up special edition of the album The Red Blooded Years in October 2012.

Fans now benefit from some added goodies, like two brilliant new tracks – Jezebel and Wild Child, a re-mix of All in the Wind by the genius that is Johnny de Ridder, all the music videos from The Red Blooded Years, new album artwork and a 20% discount voucher from adidas Originals.

The new artwork includes some nifty loose sleeves, enabling fans to change the album cover at their own whim.

The new songs will feature a raw Rock ‘n Roll edge reminiscent of Dutch Courage with the added three-part vocal treatment that created the sound of The Red Blooded Years. The band says that they are “eager to get back to their energetic rock roots but at the same time experiment with different production techniques.”  These songs are a taste of what’s to come from aKING when they release their fourth album next year.

The new songs were produced by aKING and recorded by Jurgen von Wechmar at Sunset Studios, outside Stellenbosch.

Album covers: Manfred Werner

YESTERDAYʼS PUPIL Releases PART 4: The Goodbye Remix Edition

23 Oct

What a way to start a Tuesday!!

Today, the 23rd of October, sees the release of Part 4 of Yesterdayʼs Pupilʼs new album – for free download of course.

Part 4, is entitled The Goodbye Remix Edition.

This release features some mind blowing remixes of the song Goodbye that featured on Part 1, Singularity.

Before we touch on the excitement that is the fourth release, let’s backtrack and quickly bring the uninformed up to speed.

Peach van Pletzen, Yesterday’s Pupil, has systematically released his new album over a set period of time. It’s like a little series fans get to follow. In an earlier interview I did with Peach, he commented that he likes the idea of people following the release of his music like a series.

Part 1 of the album, Singularity, was released on the 1st of November 2011 and featured the singles Goodbye (collaboration with Marko Benini) and Too Tired to Disco.

Part 2 of the album, Duel, was released on the 24th of January 2012 and featured the singles Harm, and The Beast (collaboration with Tumi Molekane)

Part 3 of the album, Formative years, was released on the 14th of May 2012 and featured the singles Muscle&Skin and Talk like stones.

Now that the uniformed are informed, let’s move on the exciting release of Part 4 – The Goodbye Remix Edition. 

After the release of Part 1, YP made the audio stems for Goodbye available for anyone who wanted to do a remix of it. He received 18 remixed versions of the track and chose the five that he liked the most for this release

Part 4: The Goodbye Remix Edition features remixed versions of the track by the following  artists:


HAEZER needs no introduction. This is not the first remix the Cape Town based electro giant has done for YP. He remixed Yesterdayʼs Pupil’s old-school classic Youʼll Poly Die back in 2010.

Here’s a free download link to the Youʼll Poly Die – Heazer remix.

Links: / https://


MINNAAR is the dynamic brother and sister electronic/vocal duo. Louis Minnaar does the design and music, whilst sister, Magdalene Minnaar, is on main vocals. YP will be in charge of producing and mixing their debut five track EP, entitled Volcano, which will be available for free download towards the end of the year.

Their remix also boasts a verse by Tumi Molekane.

Links: /


THE WATERMARK HIGH is the alias of Johannesburg-based experimental electronic musician Paul van der Walt. Van der Walt had the following to say about the track; “With my Goodbye remix, I wanted to try and keep things minimal and understated (in the verses at least). I wanted to accentuate the overall moodiness of the song. I expanded on some of the subtle piano melodies and ambience and played some of the chopped up vocals as samples to achieve this.”

Links: /


JACOB ISRAEL has been at the forefront of creative electronic music in South Africa for almost a decade. Jacob is  renowned as a well-informed techie, studio builder and collaborator, working on projects such as Fulka, A Hollow in the Land, Mtkidu, Humanizer, Jonathan Crossley, A Skyline on Fire, Donkey and Ajax. Jacob has also completed 3 full-length tightly themed electronica solo albums.

Download his full discography at the following link for free:



PULLPIT is the alias of Marko Benini, the Pretoria based drummer for ISO (formerly known as Isochronous).Benini worked with YP on the original version of Goodbye.

Rumour has it another collaboration will see the light of day somewhere near the end of the year. When asked about this remix he simply said: “I was digging the triplet vibe…”


Download The Goodbye Remix Edition here for FREE:


Part 5 is set for release towards the end of 2012.

Artwork: Louis Minnaar

SIBOT returns To South Africa and Plays with A-Trak and Hudson Mohawke!

22 Oct

The Pioneer of the South – African electronic movement is back in the country after a very successful tour to France.

From the 2nd to the 18th of October, SIBOT toured France, playing a festival in Laragne, The Rex Club in Paris and Espace Julian in Marseille.

According to SIBOT the frenchies described him as “a kick in the arse … A good thing for people stuck into genres.”

Back in SA and fresh off his French tour, SIBOT is getting ready to share the stage with internationally renowned acts, A-Trak and Hudson Mohawke (HudMo). This will form part of the #5GumExperience – taking place on the 27th of October at a new secret location.

“Its an honour to play with these two guys – I’m a huge fan of HudMo’s production”, says SIBOT.

As with the previous #5GumExperience events, fans won’t be able to buy tickets to attend – you will have to listen to the 3D audio journey via Facebook and then apply:

The next couple of months will see SIBOT release some tracks with the insanely talented Spoek Mathambo. SIBOT will also be working on a special mixtape for his fans. And – as if that is not enough – SIBOT is also in the midst of planning and preparing for an Ausie-Japanese tour – sjeess…talk about keeping busy!

 Visit SIBOT’s social realm:





22 Oct

Asleep in Transit fans – get ready to pop some celebratory bubbly!

Your favourite Durban based indie-pop band will be releasing their brand spanking new EP in December.

To better this dreary dark Monday, you can have a look at this very cool Preview Promo Video

If you have been technologically grounded for a very long time or if you have been held captive by some Caribbean pirates … or if you have been on a sabbatical visit to your aunt and uncle in the Karoo (who still have landlines and zero internet connectivity) and you have not yet been able to download Asleep in Transit’s FREE debut album – don’t fret!

Untie those panties you have in a knot – you can do so now…here.

Link for EP download via Facebook.


Be sure to check out the video for Brother, Sister!

Visit ASLEEP IN TRANSIT’s social realm:




19 Oct

Don Cobra, Singer/Frontman/Guitarist of Sleaze Rock band L.A. Cobra, will strike Switzerland( Uster) Cobra style come end of October.

Cobra will inject his particular brand of Afro-venom at a Halloween show at Rock City, Switzerland, as an opening act for the Finnish glam metal band, Reckless Love. This will be Don’s first international tour and will serve as a runner for the full European tour L.A. Cobra will embark on in 2013.

The blonde Don, nicknamed ‘Cowboy Barbie’, has shared the stage with international stars such as Duncan Faure of Rabbitt and The Bay City Rollers and Shaun Morgan of Seether. He was also a special guest for Stealing Love Jones when they opened for Maroon 5 and One Republic.

With the biggest local festivals under his belt, we can be sure that Don will be making South – Africa proud.

I hear there are already European fans that sport Don Tatoos…crazy.

Bustin’ Chops 2013

Another Cobra highlight to look forward to is the release of the local  prank/comedy movie Bustin’ Chops. This movie will feature Cobra alongside an ensemble of MK ‘Mullets’ and ‘AF’ pranksters, showcasing the absolute chaos these crazy kids took to the South – African streets.

For more information on Don Cobra, make a break his social realm;

Facebook: Don Cobra

Facebook: L.A. Cobra




Website: (under construction)


JACK PAROW: Releasing some Christmas KIEFness

18 Oct


November will see South Africa’s favourite Dangerous Romantic Afrikaans rapper, Jack Parow, release his Special Edition Eksie Ou album.

Now look, Eksie Ou was blêrrie lekker, popping out number 1 hit singles and hitting that gold selling status…hard. But rumour has it this Special Edition is even lekkerder!  It boasts six brand new tracks, including the soon-to-be Christmas hit, Merry Xmas/Joy to the World…and a gevaaarlike drinking game with dice…of course!

Other than this gevaarlike enhanced Eksie Ou edition, Parow is also ralling his ParowTroopers for Movember.  

The rapping giant with the lekker heart is throwing his Mo behind the Movember campaign. He will be performing at various Movember events and has registered as captain of the ParowTroopers team on   Fans, including Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, can join his team and rally behind him to help change the face of men’s health.  Mo Bros and Sistas are encouraged to join his lekker team at or donate to his Mo Space page.

Come party with Parow – You know you want to!

2012 was a year packed full of Parow Kiefness. Highlights would include Parow raising the roof in Russia, schooling the stage on Idols SA and conquering the dusty plains of Oppikoppi.

If you lived under a rock somewhere in the Karoo dessert and missed all the Parow kiefness of the past year – fear not. Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the remaining Parow shows for 2012.

Get There.

20th October – ClubVibe, CTICC

27th October – Rusty Hook, Roodepoort

1st December – Synergy Live

6th December – Plett Campsite Party

6th December – Plett RAGE

15th December – Flamingo’s, Langebaan

26th December – XS Music Festival, Durban

As an added “get to a Parow show near you” incentive – refresh yourself with some of his latest videos


HARD PARTYTJIE HOU ft. Francois van Coke

Photo: Manfred Werner

The Best of ‘AF’ – to premiere on MK on Thursday 18 October 2012 at 16:30

18 Oct

A couple of years ago, AF, took the MK generation by storm.

This shock reality program centred around a quartet of guys who blew the minds of audiences with their ridiculous stunts. In a short space of time these crazy kids became household names amongst the cool kids hooked on the MK vibe.

MalNico, Droos, Henkie Boom Boom and die Dunman  inspired some special father-son bonding time as fathers and sons secretly  watched their outrageous dares and escapades, whilst mothers cringed at the very thought of what they got up to.

Insanity prevailing; they tested everything from stun guns to pepper spray! They even showcased the ultimate party trick using a can of beer, a lighter and a very willing participant.

In their quest to wow their growing following, the four men showed a sacrifice and a pain threshold that would make the American Jackass blokes blush.

MalNico took one for the team and ended up in Hospital with nearly 40 stitches in his back after one of his stunts.

Die Droos gave his hometown, Boksburg, a place in the “hall of fame” when he took a bike burnout on his bum.

Henkie Boom Boom succeeded in making the moustache trendy one more! As if this feat didn’t make him legend enough – the cowboy of a ladies man showcased consolidarity with the female race – taking a full facial wax in a room filled with models.


As for die Dunman? Well, he ate any dish prepared by anyone. Fokofpolisiekar made him puke and the Parlotones gave the man a nipple twist. Taking a nipple twist from the Parlotones – now that’s what I call dedication.

Be sure to catch The Best of AF on MK (DSTV channel 324) every Thursday at 16:30, with repeats daily:

Monday – 21:30

Tuesday – 19:30

Wednesday – 11:30

Thursday – 16:30

Friday – 21:00

Saturday – 13:00

Sunday – 16:00

Photo: Liam Lynch