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DJ Naaldekoker, delivering beats so phat you’ll wanne call a dietician!

27 Sep

DJ Naaldekoker is best known for the scratching of the vinyls alongside SA’s favourite dangerous romantic rapper, Jack Parow.

This summer will see this Naaldekoker truly take flight with the launch of his solo career.

DJ N has been touring alongside SA’s favourite rapper since 2009. Alongside Parow he has accumulated a hoard of fans and supporters, securing a steady base from which to take flight. His debut offering of brand new original tracks – some featuring hand-picked guest artists – and phenomenal live DJ’ing skills, is sure to add to that!

The first single, The Meltdown, will feature the established dance duo Goodluck. The track is an epic auditory voyage that carries the listener through a haunting soundscape of lush and anthemic production.

Listen here:

On the next single to be released later this year, Ek smaak jou (I like you), DJ Naaldekoker teams up with popular rapper, JR, showing off the lighter and fundamentally funky side to his rich repertoire. Ek smaak jou is driven by needle-sharp rap skills and an irresistible beat, putting the song firmly in contention to become this summer’s anthem.

Other tracks on DJ Naaldekoker’s pending full-length album include ironic reworks of local sokkie dance hits – one of which is a devious dub-step parody of Kurt Darren’s Kaptein.  It illustrates DJ Naaldekoker’s creative ability to blend tongue-in-cheek mischief with authentically phat sounds.

Listen here:

With beats so phat you’ll wanne call a dietician, unmatched turntable wizardry and high-profile collaborations, the stage is set for DJ Naaldekoker to become the hottest commodity on the South African dance scene.


Twitter:  @DJNaaldekoker


Photos: Gillian Coetzee


Van Coke Kartel keeping busy

27 Sep

For Van Coke Kartel, the open road is no new dragon to be slayed. Wynand Myburg happily states– the band loves touring. “We love being on the road and performing every night. That is what we do!”

The band’s currently putting tire to tar, taking their rocking vibe across country. On the 3rd of October the band kicks off their Van Coke Kartel CHAOS Tour presented by Jagermeister, Monster Energy and Music Connection. This tour will also the Kartel take their show to the heart of big-hole country, Kimberley, for their very first Kimberley gig. This is proof of the Van Coke Kartel ideal; making sure their live music reaches all fans across the country.

Another exciting Van Coke feat to look forward to, is this year’s Heineken Symphonic Rocks. This is the first time an Afrikaans band will be included in the line-up. Van Coke Kartel will be accompanied on stage by a 65 piece Symphonic Orchestra. This is one show worth planning a road trip around. “We have always wanted to be part of Heineken Symphonic Rocks and this year it is happening. We are looking forward to the dynamics of performing with a 65 piece orchestra!” Wynand says.

Van Coke Kartel; Jaco Snake Venter

As if these rocking busy bodies are not …well…busy enough – Spring will also see Van Coke heading back to the studios to work on some new material with the great Theo Crous. The new material will see light of day next year. According to Wynand, it’s been 10months since the release of the hugely successful Wies Bang and its time put out some of the new material they have been working on. Wynand says, “We are not 100% sure when and HOW we will be releasing the new material. For now we are focusing on producing great tracks. We are also working closer with Theo on the new material as we liked his input on Wie’s Bang.”

Apart from all the touring, the symphony and the recording of new material, there’s also the case of the MK MVP that jumped into the Kartel’s pocket. This year Van Coke Kartel walked away with an MK MVP for Buitenkant II. They will be working on this project with Groundglass, one of South Africa’s leading director-based film production companies. “Music Videos are so expensive and it is great to get a nice budget from MK to produce one! Dankie MK! Buitenkant II was written in 2007 by Francois, Hunter and myself. Five years later we are making a video for an acoustic version.” says Wynand.


DATE: 3 October 2012

Line-up: Van Coke Kartel

Venue: Memphis Rock, Potchefstroom

Address: 102 Steve Biko Ave, Potchefstroom

Contact: Kaihl Meades


Cell : 072 125 2407

Tickets: R30 p/p at the door

DATE: 9 October 2012

Line-up: Van Coke Kartel Acoustic

Venue: Sinck Shack, Bronkhorstspruit

Address: 54 Cathy Street, Bronkhorstspruit

Contact: Deon Volschenk – 0787417597

Tickets: R100 p/p. Booking Essential. Limited Tickets.

DATE: 11 October 2012

Line-up: Van Coke Kartel and Other

Venue: Mystic Boer, Bloemfontein

Address: 84 Kellner Street, Bloemfontein

Contact: 051 430 2206

Tickets: R50 p/p at the door

DATE: 12 October 2012

Line-up: Van Coke Kartel

Venue: Halfway House Hotel, Kimberley

Address: 229 Du Toitspan Road, Kimberley

Contact: 021 762 1543

Tickets: R80 p/p at the door

DATE: 13 October 2012

Line-up: Van Coke Kartel & Other

Venue: Arcade Empire, Pretoria

Address: 256 The Highiway Str, Equestria

Contact: 087 980 3531

Tickets: R50 p/p at the door

DATE: 19 October 2012

Line-up: Van Coke Kartel

Venue: Tin Cups Witbank

Address: 44 OR Thambo, Die Heuwel, Witbank

Contact: Irene – 072 600 3897

Tickets: R50 at the door

DATE: 20 October 2012

Line-up: Van Coke Kartel & Other

Venue: Centurion Rugby Club, Centurion

Address: West street 270, Next to Super Sport Park Centurion, South Africa

Contact: Ronel: 0828751156

Tickets: R120,00 PP

DATE: 26 October 2012

Line-up: Van Coke Kartel & others

Venue: Mercury Live, Cape Town

Address: 43 De Villiers Street, Zonnebloem, 7925, Cape Town!

Contact: 021 465 7286

Tickets:  R50 p/p at the door

DATE: 27 October 2012

Line-up: Van Coke Kartel Acoustic

Venue: Rhapsodys Centurion

Address: Centurion Gate Centre, Corner John Vorster & Akkerboom Street

Contact: 012 643 1916

Tickets: TBC

Twitter: @vancokekartel

Band Blog:

Music Videos:


Photo: Jaco S Venter

Red Huxley release debut music video.

26 Sep

The boys from Red Huxley are proud to release their debut music video for the single, My own Way.

Take a five minute tea break and enjoy this stellar debut offering.

To stay socially connected to the happenings and goings on of the exciting outfit, make a break for one of their many social platforms.

Andrew James releases video for Port Grosvenor

20 Sep

Andrew James has just launched a brand new music video for the track Port Grosvenor. The video was shot at Port Grosvenor in South – Africa’s Wild Coast.

The Wild Coast formed part of the homelands during the Apartheid’s era. According to James, this area still bares the scares of poverty the isolation and oppression of those years brought on. When one looks past its scared past, your eyes are opened to another side of this wild coin – a beautiful wild, rural and majestic land.

The touching song is about disparity – delivered with the delicate deep emotional tone brought out in James’s voice and instrumentation…it hits deep, and is well worth a listen.

Have a look here:



Dividable Grand releases debut album The Buzz

19 Sep

Dividable Grand is:

David Vermeulen – lead guitar, ukulele and vocals.

Gabriel Buchalter – bass guitar and vocals.

Lindi van Blerk – drums and percussion.

David Vermeulen and Gabriel Buchalter turned to each other and said, “Dude, lets make some music happen.” One beautiful moment of realisation that they could make something special happen was all it took to get the wheels of Dividable Grand turning.

In the beginning of 2011 South-Africa was pretty much stuck in what we can only refer to as – post-world cup – depression. A midst all the hyped up depressed soccer fanatics, David and Gabriel sat between a bed, desk, several guitars and a million cables.

For David and Gabriel the making of the music was as easy as it was difficult. The pair’s first gig as a duo was so mind-bogglingly uneventful that no one can actually remember where it was. Their second gig was much the same. They kept to it and things went on growing – ten gigs became twenty and twenty became more. They needed a name and devised the anagram “Dividable Grand” from the words “David and Gabriel”.

With their anagrammed name, they were now branded and musical men on a mission.  With time, their on-stage performance improved and the crowds got bigger. They had a NAME. The momentum gained, resulted in a spark of inspiration that led to a creative siege, resulting in the writing of their very first song in less than two hours. It was a good song.

Two months later, the song kicked of a set that changed Dividable Grand – changed their mind-set, their drive. There were a few hundred people at the Hoekwil Rocks Music Festival. During their set the crowd drew nearer, people started dancing, people started cheering, girls started screaming and the promoter asked them to perform for an extra thirty minutes. The performance also resulted in Dividable Grand being booked for other key festivals.

In a recording studio in November 2011, the duo asked drummer Lindi Van Blerk to join them in a session. Having played together before, the duo agreed that she was one heck of a drummer. The long and the short of it – Lindi was roped into the Dividable Grand band. Ironically enough, Lindi’s name can also be found in the band’s anagrammed name.

In October, the band will go on a nationwide tour to launch their much anticipated debut album – The Buzz.

One thing is certain – Dividable Grand have gotten their groove and they are a band to keep a steady eye on.

Dividable Grand Tour dates and Venues for 









22 Sep 2012

Surf Café

Shop 10, Beacon Isle, PlettenbergBay


Tickets are R20 and available at the door


29 Sep 2012


York Street, George


Tickets are R20 and available at the door


04 Oct 2012

Snowflake at Aardklop

Snowflake Building, Potchefstroom



06 Oct 2012

Bourbon Street

ABSA Centre, 94 Steve Biko Street, Die Bult, Potchefstroom


Tickets available at the doorCODE:

DHF Debut Beloofde Land

19 Sep

ek weet hoe dit voel om te vlieg
al ooit gewonder
al ooit verdrink
word wakker dis môre
ons kan wees wat ons wil aan daardie kant

geen reëls

geen kontant

belowe my
die beloofde land
of is dit klaar hier
aan die ander kant
van die spektrum
hoe dit ookal sy
belowe my
die beloofde land

Beloofde Land – Die Heuwels Fantasties

This coming Friday, Die Heuwels Fantasties wil be releasing the first single off their forthcoming album – Alles was Mal is.

Beloofde Land will make its radio debut on the Martin Bester Drive on Jacaranda FM. According to Pierre Greeff, DHF frontman, Beloofde Land is only the beginning. “You can expect much more surprises coming from all the nooks and crannies on ‘Alles wat Mal is’!” says Greeff.

Die Heuwels Fantasties will be releasing their third album – Alles wat Mal is – end October. Die Hard Heuwels fans can pre-order the digital version from Friday on .

Die Heuwels Fantasties released an online teaser from ‘Beloofde Land’. The single, ‘Beloofde Land’, will be available for free download with each order placed for the magical third album.


On Monday, 24 September 2012, Die Heuwels Fantasties will be performing at Hamiltons Rugby Club in Cape Town for the National Braai Day Celebration. To get yourself in the Braai spirit of things, relive the magic they made with JR, HHP and the Soweto Gospel Choir, when they recorded the Braai4Herritage anthem, Our Herritage.

Photo: Jaco S Venter – A new approach to music distribution

17 Sep is launching soon with the aim of creating a platform for fans to support their favourite local musicians without damaging their wallets – whilst generating an income for the musician. In the simplest of forms – YOU DON’T PAY FOR THE SONG AND THE MUSICIAN STILL GETS PAID. Now that’s a bedtime story worth telling!

Team Songrab is Ryno Van Niekerk, Matt Visser, Martijn van Maasakkers and Brendan Sterley.

Ryno Van Niekerk and Matt Visser spent a lot of time topping over the music industry and how they viewed it. Through various social interactions they realised that the local music scene should be viewed as an eco-system that needed an added value contributor. According to the team, “We don’t want to add value via a proxy; we lust after a direct injection mechanism. Something that would allow the fans to be involved in supporting their bands, without having to be tied into existing and blatantly failing online music distribution models.”

Now what exactly is is a revolutionary new approach to music distribution. It’s a platform that will differentiate itself by offering 100% selfless support to local musicians by providing a platform for brands to let fans know they are willing to make a real difference by supporting local musicians directly. “Add Value & Seek No Profit! It’s not something many business people would tell you to rally behind. Thankfully this isn’t about business for us”, says team songrab.

Downloading music these days invariably involves you, an artist of your choice and either an illegal platform (like the pirate bay) or one taking a cut of what you’re willing to pay (access models & DRM tomfoolery). With a lot of musicians relying on digital download as a sustainable form of income – making it as a full time musician is almost impossible! With, brands have an opportunity to support local musicians, whilst benefitting from their introduction to appreciative fans – the process automatically generating positive social reach. According to the songrab team, “We know we’ll be able to create a valuable moment for fans, musicians and brands to share. We know this because it’s as transparent and as obvious as it gets. The only people who need to exchange money here is a sponsoring brand and a deserving artist. Nobody else needs the money to make music.”

Is it necessary? Today, more than ever.

The music industry throughout the world has always had a love/hate relationship with technology. From the first alleged killing of the record label’s version of the industry with the humble cassette tape to the hugely exaggerated murder of the film industry by the recordable VHS tape. The industry has fought technological innovation at every turn since before the turn-table – the simple reason is fear. Fear of the unknown and an undeniable fear of losing control of all the money this industry (musicians) generate.

Songrab is another thing they won’t like.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) was the knee jerk reaction from the music industry to the fact that we can now freely copy music files on and off of CD’s and hard drives. DRM basically tries to be clever about what you can do with the music file you buy and is still an essential to many of the failed online music distribution models. Songrab downloads are complete files, but the rights of the owner are completely retained by the aforementioned owner. Songrab at no time lays claim to any profits from the transfer of files between (on behalf of various performers and artists) and users of the site.

Social media links: Website:


Twitter: Sign up:

Musician sign up direct link:

Interested in collaborating/sponsoring?

Email us:

Goodnight! Wembley…No Taxi Violence Spin Off

12 Sep

Goodnight! Wembley…No Taxi Violence Spin Off.

Goodnight! Wembley ; Danya Botha

Goodnight! Wembley is made up of members from bands Dead Lucky; Yes Sir! Mr Machine; Seventh Son and is headed by Taxi Violence frontman, George van der Spuy.

A dynamic frontman of a hugely successful current band, starting up a new band – whilst still fronting, recording and performing with his original band? Interesting and intriguing. As fans we tend to associate the identity of a band with that of the frontman – wrong as it at times may be. You see or /hear aKING and you think Laudo Liebenberg ; you see or /hear Zebra and Giraffe you think Greg Carlin. Would George van der Spuy’s first side project sound like a Taxi Violence spin-off with a punk edge? More importantly, would fans dub them as such, irrespective of their sound and direction?

My curiosity regarding Goodnight! Wembley was satisfied when the band recently graced the stage of Bloemfontein’s Mystic Boer as part of their Maiden Voyage Tour up North. Before they took stage, I seized the opportunity to corner them for an exploratory chat regarding the band’s birth, sound and general direction.

They were visibly tired off their long trip from the great State of the Cape. I kicked off with the boring basics. As I started forming the words to my first question regarding the start-up of the band, the enormous drummer, by far the biggest drummer I have ever seen, abruptly interjected with, “Hi my name is Jean and I play drums.” Jean ‘Middelvinger’ Labuschagne directed an impressed smirk in answer to my momentary shocked expression. George reacted to my unimpressed poise by laughingly stating, “Please don’t take anything this man says seriously.” As I laughed politely, I tried again. “So where did it all start?”George explained that after some of the other Taxi guys created Beast, he just knew that, he too, had to do something else. “I saw Jean Labuschagne and Alex Krause at the studio a lot while they were rehearsing. Alex is good with coming up with really cool guitar riffs and I loved Jean’s style of drumming. He has that crazy Keith Moon style and he’s really loud. I approached Jean, and he talked to Alex and they were like…yeah cool, let’s give it a shot.” George continued by telling me about how he and Nic Gaud had also been talking about doing a similar project for quite some time, so it was only natural for Nic to also – with consent – be included/allowed into Wembley. The last to be roped in was Gideon de Kock, a talented young bass player whose tone and style of playing George has always liked. By the end of January 2012, Goodnight Wembley was assembled and ready for their first practice.

Jean Labuschagne; Danya Botha

After the general idea behind the formation of the band was understood, I immediately decided to address the elephant in the room – what would their reaction be to critics who would still associate George with Taxi Violence, subsequently deeming Goodnight! Wembley as a Taxi Violence spin-off with a punk edge? Again Jean’s reaction caught me off guard. He was visibly unimpressed with my inquisition, reacting by saying, “Do you think people listen to Beast thinking of Lark? What about Van Coke Kartel? Do you think people listen to Franna in Van Coke and think of Fokofpolisiekar? And then there’s the Foo Fighters – Do you think people see Dave Grohl in Foo Fighters and think of Nirvana?” With Mr Labuschagne content with the point he had just made,Gideon stepped in. “I guess I can understand how people could make the assumption, but I mean musically it’s a completely different sound.” As I noddingly agreed with his statement I rerouted the explanation to my question by making referrals to the connections fans at times make between the frontman and the identity of a band. As Jean again rose to better sate his previous point, my eyes caught George quietly and calmly taking in what was said and stated. “Ag you know what, people will get used to it in time”, George started. “Come to think of it – the name association will help this band, give it some added legs. But as soon as they hear it, they’ll realise it’s completely different.” Gideon amplified what George had said by simply stating, “We believe the music will speak for itself.” Jean – relaxed by George’s calmed approach – explained the unique composition of the band, referring to Nick hailing from a Ska band and Gideon being a metalhead – him and Alex having a bit of a punk background – and how it all just meshes into a sound that is distinctively Goodnight! Wembley.

George van der Spuy; Danya Botha

Happy with the responses we moved on to the balancing act a side project always bring into play. How does one go about managing the different projects you are a part of? Nic started off by explaining that with 7th Son and Taxi Violence they had almost reached a place where they have become self-sustainable. With specific set schedules they were at a place where they had time and energy to focus on something else. It’s all about good management and planning and accommodating one another when need be. “I left my other band…i really liked playing for them”, Jean jumped in. A little giggle spiralled through his fellow band members and I sensed an inside joke. “Ag ja, you know Jean just realised he was going to be so busy with other projects”, George added.                                  “Okay, but back to the point”, I started. “So as long as you don’t sell more albums or make more money than your original projects you’re set?” The band laughed. “But seriously we really have high aspirations for this band”, Nic came in. “We would not mind if this became the main project. Not to take anything away from the other bands but they have kind off already been identified in their own respective rights. The challenge is to make this band now what it needs to be. If it gets bigger so be it.” George highlighted what Nic said, by adding that one puts just as much work and effort into your side project, as you do your original project. “You don’t want to see the one do worse than the other. But if that happens so be it. I guess the trick is for both projects to sustain themselves in a certain way.

Gideon de Kock ; Danya Botha

With my questions answered, I was ready to see whether their proof was in the pudding. I can definitively state that Goodnight! Wembley is no Taxi Violence spin off. Their PR did a good job of promoting their distinctive big sound – but you only really realise how big it really is when you stand in the frontlines. George van der Spuy is a pleasure to see on stage. He has the energy of a 7 year old and its projected onto his on looking crowd. One definitely notices a new a dimension to Van der Spuy. He succeeds in selling the heavier numbers with great ease. In doing so, he wipes away all reminders of Taxi George, and slam dunks critics who put him in a Taxi box. Jean is a phenomenal drummer. The gigantic man does not miss a beat and he delicately beats the hell out of those drums. One must mention that they do still show signs of a band only 6 months strong. There’s not a lot of interaction between the guys on stage and it did at times seem as if each musician only focussed on their own part – kind of going through the motions. But taking the time spent together as a band into consideration – factoring in the limited amount of gigs behind Goodnight! Wembley‘s name, it is understandable.

Alex Krause; Danya Botha

This is a band that shows mighty promise. The potential is definitely there for Goodnight! Wembley to eventually grow into the bigger name amongst the founding bands – time will tell.

Good show and good meet Wembley men. I am sold. Looking foward to whatever it is you come up with next.

The Complete interview i did for MK! Have a read!!!


Braaiday 2012 will be just ParowFantasties!

11 Sep

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in The Great State Of the Cape on Braaiday – make a run for Hamiltons RugbyClub in Cape Town. Jack Parow and Die Heuwels Fatasties will join a super line-up including, Mi Casa, Bed on Bricks and Me and Mr Brown, to make sure Braaiday 2012 imprinted in the minds of all in attendance.More details:Venue: Hamiltons Rugby Club, Fritz Sonnenburg Road, Green Point

Time: The event starts at 10h00 and the live music starts at 13h00.

Tickets: R80 – includes a free Savannah and a kameelhout boerewors roll.

Online tickets

Contact: Anneke – 072 110 4350 or

Jack Parow – Manfred Werner

A Parow Braaisous stand will be at the event. Tasters will be served and  Braaisous and other merchandise will be on sale.

MK is… up for five awards at this year’s Pendoring Awards

6 Sep

The 18th Annual Pendoring Awards are around the corner, and MK and Ogilvy are nominated in five categories for their MK is… campaign.

Pendoring focuses on promoting and rewarding outstanding Afrikaans advertising. It has succeeded in becoming more than just an awards event – it has steadily grown into an ongoing campaign aimed at creating greater awareness on the importance of Afrikaans advertising and marketing amongst marketers, creatives and the broader public.

The annual Pendoring Advertising Awards, which will take place in The Mother City on Friday 21 September 2012. Following a string of international awards for MK is…, MK will be hoping to walk away with a local win in any of the following categories: Non-broadcast video and film; Internet, mobile, interactive communication; Digital mixed-media campaign; Integrated campaign; Live events, activations, direct communication (for the MK is… pop up bar).

MK’s Content Executive, Stephan Potgieter is ecstatic with how the campaign has been received, both locally and abroad. “When we teamed up with Ogilvy SA for MK is…we knew it was going to be an exciting project, but we could never have anticipated the kind of impact it would have with the MK fans, and the industry as a whole. To have won three international awards for theMK is… campaign already blew us away because it meant that people had noticed what we were doing on a global scale. And now to be recognised within the local market among our peers and within the Afrikaans advertising industry, shows us that the appeal of the campaign has far surpassed anything we could have hoped for, and means a great deal to us. We’re holding thumbs that we’ll have a Pendoring Award to add to our achievements with this campaign, because it is one that we are all extremely proud of ”, Potgieter said.

Well done and Goodluck MK!!